An Update On 2023 Womens IPL Team Composition

Hey, cricket fans!!! Here we are about to enter another exciting league of cricket. Yes, you are absolutely right. We are talking about the Women’s Indian Premier League ( WIPL).

As we all are aware of the success of men’s IPL. Similarly, many of the investors and franchises feel the same way about Womens IPL. It will start by March 2023.

The final announcement of teams and who will own the franchises will be on 25th January 2023. Many bids are received for the same. And, everyone waiting for the final names,

Major Update

Though it is getting overly exciting to wait for the unveiling of all the aspects of Womens IPL. There is a huge update about it that came recently. The Board of control of cricket in India (BCCI) is allowing at most five cricket players from abroad to be part of the team of IPL, who will be on the ground. As per report, franchises can opt for five foreign players with at least one from the Associate country.

This is a five-year contract for now. There is INR 12 crores of salary amount is set for each of the team. And, each following year, it will increase by INR 1.5 crores. It will enhance till four more years.

Who won the Media rights?

Though we know, there is definitely going to be a huge profit making coming up through Womens IPL. Due to this very same reason, there was very tough competition in grabbing the media rights for the telecast of all matches of this women’s premier league. Recently Jay Shah, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, did make the announcement about Viacom the media rights for WIPL. Now, they are going to broadcast all the matches of women’s IPL for five years, including the current one. The total amount they paid for confirming the deal is INR 951 crores. With such a huge amount, the cost of each match reached over INR 7 crores

The secretary of the BCCI did the announcement through Twitter. The post they wrote was,” The BCCI is pleased to announce Viacom18 Media Private Limited as the successful bidder of Media Rights for the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) Seasons 2023-2027”.

That is how they made this official statement, public.

Expectations from WIPL, 2023

The expectations from Womens IPL, 2023 are actually huge. From the business point of view, the interest of companies in buying franchises proves that the profit-making from this will be huge. More than 30 companies are eligible to bid for the WIPL teams. As all those have the Invitation to Tender (ITT). Those could be more, but the restriction was put on those to keep it precise. One of the major conditions was, only those can buy ITT who have a net worth of INR 1000 crores or more.

Some of the major corporates showing immense interest in buying teams of Womens IPL are APL Apollo, Haldiram, JK cement, Chettinad Cement, and many others.

There are even eight of the current men’s IPL franchises trying their hand to own the women’s team too. Even a Football franchise, Manchester United is also trying to Indian cricket market by applying to bid for WIPL teams.

The income from the first year of the league to BCCI will be Rs. 125 crores. There is an estimation of INR 162.15 income that BCCI is expecting in the subsequent year.


From the above points and facts, we can clearly see that not just the fans but many corporates and already existing franchises are in a war against each other to own the Womens IPL teams. With the big update above allowing five players in the playing eleven, the excitement is at its height. The BCCI is doing everything to bring the major players in the games. Though the average expense for each of the WIPL matches is at INR 7.90 crores precisely. But of course, it is still gaining the interest of many.

Besides, every cricket fan is eagerly waiting for the month of march. And, you definitely are one of them. The tension is extreme even prior to the matches. We do not know yet, who is going to be the owner of the teams. However, one thing we are sure of is about the fun and entertainment we are going to get in a month.

So, be ready.

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