3-Way Battle For Womens IPL 2023 Media Rights On 12th January

There is great news for cricket fans. You will be happy to know that womens ipl 2023 is around the corner. The teams are ready to battle. However, there is another battle going on beforehand. This is about the broadcasting rights of wipl 2023. Some of the major players are going for it. Of course, they will do so. As the popularity of cricket in India is well-known to everyone.

The three major players in the war of getting the rights are Disney + Star, Sony-Zee combine, and Viacom 18. Though there is no official statement by any of those. But, the news as per sources confirms their interest in it.

They feel that women’s cricket will touch the heights soon.

Deadline for the Bid Submission

The very first step was to purchase the tender for wipl 2023. The last date for that was 31st December 2022. Now the bid papers for those media rights will be submitted by 16th January, 2023.

As per the information from BCCI officials, the broadcasting firms such as Sony Network, Disney Star, Viacom 18, and more than 10 of those did pick the documents for filing the tender. Besides those top 3, there are some other renowned names

And, the last date to submit the final bids is January 12, 2023.

All the bidders think of this as an opportunity. As per them, womens ipl 2023 is going to open ways for women cricket.

Key Points about WIPL 2023 Media Rights

There are some key information points about Womens IPL 2023 as follows.

  • The WIPL 2023 is going to take place in March. The first match will be on 3rd March 2023. And you can watch the final on 26th March 2023.
  • These Media Rights are to be issued for the seasons from 2023 to 2027.
  • The tender was available till 31st December 2023. The interested parties could have bought those by then.
  • In total, more than ten parties did show interest in the tender.
  • The last date for the final submission is January 16, 2023.

Expectations and Confirmations by BCCI officials

From certain sources, we did find that as per BCCI, the broadcaster may not go for big contracts. Instead, WIPL 2023 franchise tender can prove to be a huge success.

Also, there is a confirmation from the same that for the franchise, they will have 40 crores in their purse for the salary for each women player. Thus, our players are gonna be rich.

There is also a statement from a BCCI official about what they are expecting from womens ipl 2023. They have quite high expectations that this women’s league will make 1000 or more crores for each franchise.

One of the BCCI officials said, “It’s a new product but an established concept. Check the response we got for the INDIA vs Australia series. This clearly shows Women’s Cricket has huge growth potential. We are sure each franchise can fetch 1000 Crore plus. Players will be suitably paid and each franchise can have a player purse of 35-40 Crore”

Interest in franchises

Mohit Burman, the Chairman of Dabur India ltd., is also expressing interest in buying franchises. He did mention that once they get the base price and the final sold price of Media Rights. The picture about buying the franchise will be more clear. And, with the interest of such huge players in wipl 2023 franchises, we can definitely expect others to enter the race too.

PBKS and Chennai Super Kings are already going for the tender. And, with the five others showing interest too.

Kashi Vishwanath, CEO of CSK, did say to Times Of India that they want to give a push to Indian Women’s cricket by buying a franchise for womens IPL 2023. And, he also expressed that if they do not own the womens IPL team, it may not look good for CSK. They are just waiting for the financial clarification.


Here is almost everything about the upcoming Womens Indian Premier League 2023. Women’s cricket is going to be a huge success. Once we will find out about media rights. The issue of the franchise will be in process.

We are not sure about who will get the Media rights for the Women’s Indian Premier League. Or, who will own the franchises? However, one thing we are sure of is that the month of march will be extremely entertaining. So, get set for the league. Have fun and Good luck.

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