Manchester United Owners Interested To Buy Women IPL Team

The men’s Indian Premier League was one of the most successful leagues currently. The viewership for the same is rising with every season. The profit is of course huge for the organizers and franchises. This is the reason why many are trying to enter the Indian Cricket Market. Even the men’s IPL franchises are showing huge interest in buying women ipl 2023 teams. Moreover, the other big names are also entering the race to grab the opportunity.

Glazer Family, owner of Manchester United Football Club also wants the team. Let us discuss below his interest and how long he is seeking to be part of it.

Glazer Family’s interest in Women IPL 2023

It is not the first time the Glaze family trying to acquire a team in the Indian Premier League. The interest to be part of Indian Cricket was shown by them last season of men’s ipl. As the market has massive growth opportunities. Though they were not able to crack the deal. However, there is no official proof that they are going for it. But of course, we will find out on 25th January 2023. The BCCI will make an official statement about the details during the auction for women ipl 2023 franchises.

The Glazer family is already in the cricket world by acquiring one of the franchises in the ILT20 league. The name of the franchisee is Desert Vipers. In fact, the CEO of Desert Vipers, Phil Oliver said, “Having bought into the ILT20, it is natural for us to look into other cricket opportunities around the world, including Women’s IPL.” And he also added, “I can’t reveal the details of how far we are in that process but I am happy to say that we are looking into all opportunities, including the WIPL. The Indian market is of interest to us. A lot of Indian cricket fans will be watching this tournament and will see what the Desert Vipers will bring to that. If anything, we want to bring an exciting brand of cricket to the Indian fans, just as to our fans all around the world,”

Eight men’s IPL franchises are in the race to own team WIPL teams

Besides Glazer Family, already prevailing franchises of men’s ipl totally want to own a team in the women ipl 2023. In total, eight of ten are desperate to get it. The names of those eight franchises are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Titans,  Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Delhi Capitals.

Though the total franchises for women IPL 2023 are just five. And, with eight of those and the Glazer Family in the race, it is going to be an epic bidding war.

The last date to submit final bids is 23rdd January 2023. And after evaluating everything carefully, the final names of the five franchises will be public on 25th January i.e post two days.

Franchise’s share in profit

You must be wondering that why the men’s franchises and Glazer Family are showing extreme interest in owning a franchise in women ipl 2023. This is not just a love for cricket. Instead, this is a great business opportunity for all. At first, the BCCI decided to share 80% of the profit from the women’s Indian Premier League with all the franchises. However, we have in-depth of this Central Rights income distribution. As per that, for the first 5 years franchises will get 80% of the income. Then 60% in the following five years. And, finally 50% in later years.

This is quite a good profit-making opportunity for all.


The race is quite close between many who want to acquire those teams. With only five available for now, making it is even harder to get. Maybe in the following years, there might be an increase in the number of franchises.

In fact, five of the men’s ipl franchises are going for media rights for those. Those are Punjab Kings, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, and Delhi Capitals.

So, all in all, we can definitely say that everyone has massive hopes for this league. We are obviously going to find out soon. Though the bids will be quite intense.

But, all you have to do is enjoy it. Fans will be happy to see an enhancement for women’s cricket.

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