IPL 2023: The 5 Biggest Auction Mistakes Made By IPL Franchises

If you are a fan of the Indian Premier League. You definitely did enjoy the IPL 2023 mini-auction. The bidding war was extremely exciting. And, the top bid did break the record of all the earlier seasons of IPL. In fact, the third-highest bid for this season was the top bid of IPL 2022. Thus, you can imagine the utilization of money in the purse of franchises.

So, the franchises did buy 80 players in total for Rs. 164.5 crores. The mini-auction took place in Kochi.

As you can see, such a huge amount of money was spent by all the franchises. Still, Rajasthan Royals had Rs. 6.75 crore left with them. Similarly, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s INR 7.75 crore was of no use after the auction. Most surprisingly INR 12.25 crore was left with PBKS after the auction.

Even after spending this money, there were some big mistakes that franchises did make during the auction. The top five of them are as follows.

1. Optimum Backup players

Kolkata Knight Riders might have to pay the price for not having an ideal backup player. The reason might be the least amount of money in their purse for bidding. Also, they even dropped the epic opener, Chris Lynn. He did perform well last season. Still, not with the team anymore.

Another mistake was not taking a spin player. However, they need such a player, the most. And, they have no backup for the Indian players they have.

2. More of the Uncapped players on the team

This IPL 2023 mini-auction was great for many of the uncapped players. The franchises like Punjab Kings, Gujrat Titans, Delhi Capitals, and Chennai Super Kings did go for the players to fill all the positions. And, they set the playing 11 already. Now, the uncapped players are just money spent on off-ground players.

3. Not all teams have All-rounders

The T20 cricket format is a fast game, requiring a high strike rate from batsmen. In fact, the longer the batting lineup, the better the chances of winning too. Though, we need bowlers too. As they have quite a crucial role too.

Thus, all-rounders players seem to be the best option for the IPL 2023 league. There are majorly three teams that might suffer from a lack of all-rounders. Those are Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The teams have uni-dimensional line-up squads.

4. Rule of “Impact Players”

To make Ipl 2023 more interesting a new rule is out. The name of the rule is ‘impact player’.As per the rule, the teams who are going to play against each other will have to mention four impact players along with the playing eleven. Now, those impact players can join the match and replace any of the current players at any point in time. It must be not later than fourteen overs.

Now choosing the right impact players is another issue to resolve for the franchises. It must be done carefully.

5. Cameron Green for outrageous INR 17.5 Crores

Without any doubt, Cameron Green is quite a good player. This is the reason, Mumbai Indians did go for him with such a huge bid of Rs. 17.5 crores. This Australian player will have the vacant space for an all-rounder in the team. Which is definitely a good thing.

However, the player’s experience in T20 cricket is just 21 matches. And out of those 21 matches, this young batsman did play 8 international matches. And, most importantly, IPL 2023 is Cameron Green’s first season of the Indian Premier League. So, hopefully, Mumbai Indians will not regret this. As the pressure of IPL matches on a player is massive.


To cap it all, five major blunders are above. Though there were other mistakes made by franchises too. For instance, spending 16 crores on Nicholas Pooran by Lucknow Giants. Or, buying Harry brooks by Sunrisers Hyderabad for RS. 13.25 crore.

However, it is said that game of cricket is unpredictable. You never know which player may perform better than the expectations of franchises or another way around. It will definitely stress the owners and players too.

Though, it will be an extremely entertaining season of the IPL this year too. The aggression of players like Virat Kohli, the mindset of MS Dhoni, young talent coming up, etc will make the whole season memorable. So, wait for a few more weeks.

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