Which Player Has More Chances Of Winning Purple Cap In IPL 2023?

Indian Premier League is a sporting event that evokes emotion in addition to cricket. This situation involves a combination of name, fame, and attractiveness. For the players, the IPL offers a chance to excel and gain recognition on a global scale.

The IPL organizing committee bestows the athletes with a variety of awards. The purple cap is one such accolade that recognizes the achievements of the bowlers in IPL. 

You should thus look no further than the IPL if you want non-stop entertainment and heart-pounding action. You also get the chance to see some of the best cricket players in the world face off. The IPL has grown into a global sensation and a true icon of the sporting world. Each IPL season offers greater thrills and excitement.

IPL Purple Cap 2023 Review

The Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket competition’s top wicket-taker receives the Purple Cap trophy. The person who dons the cap is acknowledged as the most accomplished bowler of the competition. Additionally, the cap itself is a symbol of bowling prowess.

The Purple Cap, which was first offered in the IPL’s second season in 2009, has since grown in prestige among the top bowlers in the competition. The bowler with the most wickets at the end of the competition receives the cap. It is then given to the player who surpasses them in the rankings.

The Purple Cap is a notable award in the IPL since it honors the bowlers who have had the greatest influence on the competition. It shows the bowlers’ talent and tenacity as well as their reliability and success in getting wickets.

Which players have more chances to win the IPL Purple Cap in 2023?

➢ Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal is currently the joint-highest wicket-taker in the IPL 2023, and there is no reason that his top form and elite wicket-taking ability can help him win the purple cap in the IPL 2023 as well.

He claimed 27 wickets for the Rajasthan Royals during a brilliant campaign for Rajasthan Royals last year. The last back-to-back champion was Bhuvneshwar Kumar in 2016 and 2017, but Chahal’s performance in the previous campaign demonstrates that he has what it takes to be one of IPL’s greatest bowlers.

➢ Rashid Khan

Since 2017, Rashid Khan has placed among the top 10 in terms of IPL wickets taken. In 2018, he came incredibly close to taking the top spot before falling to Tye by just three wickets, but Rashid Khan should never be written off.

Khan can conclude 2023 with the IPL’s Purple Cap by himself if he continues to play with this consistency. He is presently a co-favourite for the Purple Cap along with two other players, but his resume may be enough to give him the advantage over Hasaranga and Chahal.

➢ Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer, one of the most deadly bowlers in the game, has yet to take home the Purple Cap in the IPL. Despite spending a significant amount of time on the sidelines, Archer has the joint third-highest odds, according to Dafa Sports, which demonstrates that he is unquestionably regarded as one of the league’s elite bowlers.

Can Archer breakthrough for the Mumbai Indians in 2023 after returning from injury? We will have to wait & see.

➢ Mohammed Shami

When it comes to the T20 format, Shami is an essential player who can bowl with pinpoint accuracy and secure big wickets for his team. He was acquired by Gujarat Titans for the staggering cost of INR 6.25 crore at the Mega Auction last year.

Over the 2022 IPL season, he led 20 batsmen to the changing rooms. Shami has regularly taken 19–20 wickets over the past four years. He will be vying for the purple cap in the IPL 2023 season.

➢ Lockie Ferguson

Ferguson joined KKR for his IPL 2020 debut. His ability to bowl constantly at speeds beyond 150 km/h and bowl rapid, toe-crushing yorkers at the end made him an invaluable member of the team. The Kolkata Knight Riders have consistently put a lot of faith in him.

Ferguson was acquired by the Gujarat Titans for the staggering price of INR 10 crores last season In addition, he was able to send 12 batters to the locker room. He was returned to KKR before the mini-auction. He will be trying to give KKR the first-ever purple cap in IPL 2023.

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