What Is BASRA Stats In IPL And Cricket?

The Indian Premier League did take cricket to new heights. In the fast pacing era, youngsters are showing more interest in short-format cricket. Since 2008, the IPL has been winning the hearts of cricket fans. And, every year the BCCI is introducing new things to make it even more interesting. Moreover, during the auctions, the highest bid is increasing every season. In fact, in IPL 2023, the most expensive player was sold at INR 17.50 crores.

Besides, there is a new type of performance calculation method introduced. It is the BASRA Stats. Which is a combination of both the batting average and the strike rate of a batsman. By using both, one can find the overall batting performance.

Now before understanding BASRA stats, let us get into the terms involved in it.

Batting average

In simple words, if you want to calculate the batting average of a player. You simply need to sum up the batsman’s total scores and divide it by the number of times the player got out.

Let us take an example. Suppose a player in IPL 2023 did score 30 runs, 40 runs, and 45 runs in three matches respectively. So, to calculate the batting average, we need to sum up the scores ( 30+40+45) and divide it by the number of matches (3). Therefore the BA is 105/3 = 35.

Now there is one thing to consider while calculating that, which is a must in BASRA stats too. You need to count only those matches in which you did lose your wicket. For instance, in the same example above, let’s say you were not out in one of the three matches. Now BA will be 105/2 = 52.5.

Strike rate

Here is another ingredient of BASRA stats. The strike rate means how much did a player score as per each ball. This is calculated as runs per 100 balls. For instance, a player’s score in three matches is 480 for 120 balls. The calculation goes as follows.

480 divided by 120 and then multiply by 100. So, the final strike rate is 400. This is definitely quite impressive but no one has near this.

In IPL matches, SA is mostly above 100. Let’s see whether it will touch new heights in IPL 2023.


[ BASRA stats in IPL ]: Now, you are well aware of both the batting average and the strike rate. And, you can see that the word BASRA is made up of the combination of the first letters of batting average and strike rate.

Let us learn to calculate it. It is quite easy to calculate if you have both BA and SR. All you have to do is add both.

Let us make it clear with the example. Suppose the batting average of a batsman in IPL 2023 is 48.6. Also, the strike rate of the same player is 120.3. Thus the BASRA stats of this particular player is (48.6 + 120.3) 168.9.

Of course, the higher the BASRA the better the performance of the player is.

The players with the highest BASRA stats taking part in the IPL 2023 are Tim David with 241.28 at the top. Second, on the list is Andre Russell with a BASRA score of 208.26. And the list goes on.

Will this method of stat continue?

As this method of statistics is a detailed analysis of the players’ performance. Earlier the media rights of IPL were with ‘Star’. But, this time Viacom will broadcast all the matches of IPL 2023. Thus, there is a question of whether the BASRA stat will continue or not.

It seems that Viacom will continue it as it is a plus point for the viewership. Not all broadcasters do that. And, even not all formats of cricket provide this analysis.

However, there is a fair possibility that Viacom may replace it with another similar statistic. Nothing can be said for sure right now.


All in all, the BASRA – Batting Average Strike Rate Aggregate stats seem to give a precise view of a batsman’s performance. One can easily calculate it. With both BA and SR involved in it, the stat helps the professionals to choose the right player. Even sports bettors can use the same.

We will find out soon whether we will see these metrics in the IPL 2023 or not. But of course, the entertainment level will be high.

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