What Are The 5 Worst Things About The Indian Premier League?

As we all know about the success of the Indian Premier League throughout the cricket world. In the IPL, cricketers from all over the world come and play against each other. Even the domestic players of India get the chance to gain experience while playing against as well as with the class A cricketers.

However, with such massive popularity, there are a few things that many do not like. In fact, people think there are many things in this league that should not be part of it anymore. Below we are going to discuss about five of those.

5 worst things about IPL

1. Cheerleaders

Well, of course, you watch the Indian Premier League and are a fan of it. This fast pace game consists of multiple boundaries. Everyone cheers for their team and loves those epic shots in the IPL. Moreover, when those players hit the sixes and fours the IPL shows the replay of it. But, there is a five-second view comes on the big screen and on all other screens. And, those are the cheerleaders dancing.

However, there are times when the cameraman focuses on them for a longer period to show the crowd. And, people come forward making things more uncomfortable for the cheerleaders. Thus, this does not serve any actual purpose, besides glamour. Which definitely must not be a part of any sport.

2. During the match conversations between commentators and players

If you do play any game, and someone tries to talk to you in the middle of that. Will you feel good, especially when the game is quite important? Of course not. Therefore, a very similar experience the player has when commentators talk to the cricketer fielding in the Indian Premier League match. This definitely is a diversion. None can focus on the game while answering the questions in the ipl. Commentators should understand that. In fact, many of the ex-cricketers who are in the commentary box do this too. It must be stopped.

3. Strategic Timeouts

You might be thinking that strategic timeouts are definitely a fair thing to do. Teams in the Indian Premier League need to change the strategy mid-match and make the players understand that. But, is it really the case?

Let us assume that a player is in great form and not letting the bowlers to dominate him. And, suddenly the bowling team asks for a strategic time out. And, when the match continues again, that batsman gets out. There could be an actual working bowling strategy, But, is it really fair? As the rhythm of the player breaks. In fact, we already have the innings break and captain on the field to help the team out.

4. Spot-fixing

The word ‘spot-fixing’ is shameful on its own. When a player betrays the team either in the Indian Premier League or in cricket in general by fixing the play for money, the morale of the whole team goes down too. In the year 2013, three of the Rajasthan Royals players were caught in the crime of spot-fixing. In the IPL edition of 2022 also, a similar issue came up.

Though it is being strictly handled, still needs more focus on this issue too.

5. Politics in sports

Though everyone thinks of it but none says it. Yes, politics is affecting the Indian Premier League. The a major example of not allowing Pakistani players to join the IPL. Shouldn’t sports must be separated from politics? If the league is for all cricket players in the world, then everyone should have equal chances. Therefore not allowing some of the epic players like Babar Azam, Shahid Afridi, etc. to be part of the IPL, definitely is not fair at all.


All in all, the above are the five of the worst things about the IPL. The league will be much better without this. In fact, the commentators marketing the sponsors instead of telling about the game is another most irritating thing.

Moreover, the stats with no relevance should be avoided. No one wants to know how many sixes are hit in the tournament. So, the game could be even better by focusing on such things.

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