The IPL 2023 Mini Auction: Date, Time, Venue, & Live Streaming

We are about to enter 2023. As the year is ending, cricket fans are waiting for IPL 2023. It will take place between March and April. The owners of franchises are preparing in advance for the event coming up. Yes, it is the Ipl 2023 mini auction.

In total, there are ten teams who are going to take part in the auction. At this point in time, there are a total of 405 players available to bid on. And, those players will fill 87 spots. Only those spots are vacant now.

All the teams are taking a look at their purse amount. As everyone needs the best players with them. Fans will have eyes on all teams. But, after the poor performance of Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2022. These two teams are going to be all-in, in the Ipl 2023 mini-auction.

There are some players like Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard who will be in new roles. They retired in the last season of the Indian Premier League. They both will be coaching CSK and MI respectively.

Next, we are going to discuss the details of the Ipl 2023 mini-auction.


The upcoming IPL auction is going to take place in a few days now. The exact date for the Ipl 2023 mini-auction is December 23, 2022. Yes, exactly four to five days from today.

Place of Event

There was a lot of discussion about the venue of the IPL 2023 mini-auction. At last, the place was finalized. So, this incredible auction will take place in the southern part of India. In the beautiful city, Cochi. It lies in the state called Kerala.

Time of the Event

Time is final too. The Ipl 2023 mini-auction will start on December 23, at 2:30 pm. It is as per Indian Standard Time.

Where to watch?

In India, you can enjoy the Ipl 2023 mini-auction on only one channel. Star Sports Network won the rights to telecast it.

The auction will be live streaming too. Therefore Viacom 18 owns the rights to digital streaming now. So, the auction will be live streaming on the Jio Cinema App.

Teams and Vacant Spots

  1. Chennai Super Kings are holding 18 players right now. They will bid to fill seven more players. Out of those 7, two slots are for overseas players.
  2. Delhi Capitals are retaining the maximum number of players currently. They have 20 players with them. And, left with only 5 vacant spots to fill. Also, they can bid on two overseas players too.
  3. Gujrat Titan is the third and new team as compared to other teams. Just like CSK, they too have 18 players in the Ipl 2023 mini-auction. Also, with 7 vacant spots in hand, they can go for 3 overseas players.
  4. Next is Kolkata Knight Riders. They retained 14 players for IPL 2023. Also, the total number of slots left to fill is eleven. Out of which, 3 are for overseas players.
  5. Just like Gujrat Titans, there is another new team too. It is the Lucknow SuperGiants. This team has 10 slots to fill with 4 for players out of India. Currently, the team holds 15 players in total.
  6. Mumbai Indians is also looking for new players. They retained 16 players for now. Also, they need 9 more with three overseas players.
  7. Punjab Kings have exactly the same number of new players requirements, as Mumbai Indians. In fact, overseas players are also 3 in requirement.
  8. Royal Challengers Bangalore kept 18 players with the team. Online 9 vacant spots with 3 for overseas players are there.
  9. Rajasthan Royals need 9 new players to fill up the vacant spots. Also, 4 must be overseas players. They have 16 with them.
  10. At last Sunrisers Hyderabad has the maximum number of player requirements. They need to fill slots with 13 new players with 4  overseas ones. Only 12 players are on the team at this point.


All in all, each team is going to bid for many players. It will be quite entertaining to see when two or more teams will go for one particular team. The Ipl 2023 mini-auction will have all the ingredients for fun and entertainment. Also, now you have all the details about the venue, date, time, and streaming platforms. Therefore, there is no chance to miss it.

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