Reason Indian Premier League More Popular Than Big Bash League?

In this fast pace world, people do not have enough time to even entertain themselves. This is the reason short-format cricket is in trend now. Leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big bash league (BBL) are gaining extreme popularity in the cricket world. There are many other similar cricket leagues taking place in other countries. However, still, those two are the top two in popularity.

However, the question, of which of the both is the number one, we will answer below. There are certain differences such as origin, scale, venue, etc. Those will give a precise view of their popularity.

1. When did they originate?

So the very first thing to compare between both the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League is the year they first started.

The year of origin of IPL is 2007. Whereas the same for BBL in 2011. This four-year difference did give an edge to the former one. As they were already attracting viewers in massive numbers. Though the BBL’s viewership is not bad. But, still, they are catching up to the market. Though, the number of fans for both are rising continuously as well as rapidly.

2. Format

First of all the Indian Premier League has ten teams in comparison to only 6 teams in the Big Bash league. However, the format is the same in both. Each team plays two matches against the other team. Those are in the league phase. And out of those two, one is in the home ground of the team and the other one in any of the others.

Though the format is exactly the same, the difference in the number of teams is definitely making the IPL more likable.

3. Squads

Here comes the other parameter where the Indian Premier League does have higher numbers than that of the Big Bash League.

The squads in the IPL consist of eighteen to twenty-five players. And out of those, eight can be overseas players. Moreover, in playing eleven a team can have only four overseas players.

Now coming to the BBL, each team can have nineteen players in their squad. Out of which, in playing eleven three overseas players can be there. In addition, for replacement, the team can have two overseas players.

4. Prize Money

In the Indian Premier League season 2022, the prize money for the winner was INR 20 Crores. Additionally, Rs. 13 crores, Rs, 7 crores, and Rs. 6.5 crores was the prize money for first, second and third runner up respectively. Also, there is news that for IPL 2023, BCCI may increase the winning prize amount.

On the other hand, the winner of the Big Bash League gets approximately INR 2.60 crores. Moreover, the runner-ups get almost Rs. 1.35 crores.

Thus as per the financial aspect too, the IPL surpasses the BBL.

5. Worldwide followers

Here is the most important aspect. Undeniably, the followers of the IPL are much more than that of the BBL. The reason behind it is the venue of those events. BBL takes place in Australia, where cricket itself is not as famous as in India. In fact, Indians treat cricket as a separate religion. People in India are crazy about cricket. People even take work off to watch cricket matches. The die-hard fans even put big screens too. So, that people can watch together. This is one of the top reasons for the IPL being number one on the list of most popular leagues.


To sum it all up, it is crystal clear from the above points that the IPL is more famous than the BBl. However, the latter one is not far behind. Both have a huge number of fans.

Most importantly, both leagues are helping young talent to come forwards and play with such high-class players. This definitely boosts their morale as well as gives them a reality check about their own skill.

Both leagues are played in the summer season as per their respective country. Indian Premier League takes place between April to June. And, BBL is played in December, January, and February.

So, get ready for the fun. True cricket fans will not miss both.

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