No Rohit Sharma in JioCinema IPL 2024 Poster?

NO Rohit Sharma in JioCinema IPL 2024 Promotional Poster? Fans’ Rage Flares on Social Media

In today’s world of social media, if one thing dominates is the sentiments of Fans. The IPL 2024 Auction is the best example. JioCinema holds the broadcasting rights for the IPL 2024. Recently, Rohit Sharma Fans backlashed Mumbai Indians and JioCinema for 2 different reasons. 

Firstly the Mumbai Indians for choosing Hardik Pandya as captain over Rohit Sharma. Secondly JioCinema for not including Rohit Sharma in the Poster of the IPL 2024 Auction.

These 2 scenarios are different. Rohit Sharma’s exclusion is the sole reason for Fans’ Rage.

Mumbai Indians Face Backlashes From Rohit Sharma Fans

Fans backlashed Mumbai Indians for replacing Hardik Pandya as captain over the most loved HITMAN Rohit Sharma. In spite, he was a strong pillar and reason for Mumbai Indians winning the IPL Trophy 5 Times.

After the announcement to move Rohit Sharma away from captaincy a wave of criticism sparked on all popular social media platforms. Fans expressed their disappointment about the unexpected change in captaincy.

Mumbai Indians changed the captaincy for a strategic shift. Although they didn’t expect such intense rage from Rohit Sharma’s Loyal fans’ rage to be so intense.

Hardik Pandya has a strategic and bold gameplay. Now he steps into the key role of driving team Mumbai Indians to further success. However, he has a good track record of serving as Gujarat Titans Captain. Also, his all-round cricketing might have made Mumbai Indians opt for him.

Hardik Pandya’s arrival into the Gujarat Titans had previously not just been limited to a squad member. He was offered captaincy and the opportunity to prove his leadership skills. As a result, it fetched him the Indian Premier League IPL Trophy in the very first season.

Rohit Sharma’s stepping down from captaincy in the IPL 2024 surprised the entire cricketing fraternity. The 36-year-old most successful iconic captain alongside MS Dhoni, stepping down from captaincy is heartbreaking for many.

However, the Mumbai Indian team feels good when talented players like Hardik Pandya will also be donning their jerseys. He had recently moved from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians attaining a whopping amount of Rupees 15 crores.

Spectators and cricket fans feel Rohit is the best to carry the Legacy. For the Mumbai Indians captainship after Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, and Ricky Ponting.

JioCinema Faces Backlashes From Rohit Sharma’s fans

Rohit Sharma excluded from JioCinema’s promotional poster sparked intense controversy. Fans started arguments, scolding the marketing strategy of the broadcaster. Stating it is not just Rohit missing from the poster. Also, the promotion diminishes the impact and completely erases the essence of Mumbai Indians’ legacy.

Also, Fans expressed their disappointment over the official poster released by JioCinema in which Hardik Pandya is donning the Mumbai Indians’ jersey. They wished to see Rohit Sharma and they couldn’t accept the change in captaincy.

Fans were angry about Rohit Sharma’s absence from the JioCinema Promotional Poster. They have tagged the official page as well as Mukhesh Ambani asking that if he is not captain then why is Virat Kohli in the picture and why not Hitman Sharma who had 5 IPL Trophies?

While others have been posting with pictures and questioning JioCinema like is this what happens to a player who has done so much for you. Also, an undeniable fact is that Rohit Sharma is the Brand Ambassador of JioCinema.

Sunil Gavaskar supports Mumbai Indians’ Decision

Amidst the heated controversies, a few spectators and legendary cricketer like Sunil Gavaskar lent their support to Mumbai Indians regarding their decision to replace the captain.

Further while speaking on star sports Sunil Gavaskar stated that we shouldn’t be thinking whether the decision is right or wrong. As Rohit looked fatigued probably because of playing too much cricket and doing captaincy in all 3 formats from the year 2022.

Also, he added on by saying that we are missing the older version of Rohit Sharma who used to score big but now in the past 2 years even his batting seems to hit a downfall.

Concluding Facts

Despite these 2 major controversies flaring up on social media, there has been support too. For instance, Sunil Gavaskar supported Mumbai Indians in their decision, similarly few cricket spectators have been supporting JioCinema regarding the exclusion of Rohit Sharma from the IPL 2024 promotional posters.

As indicated by a few supportive comments offered towards JioCinema management stating that they might have included only captains. But since Aiden Markram and Faf du Plessis were overseas captains, they have replaced them with Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Virat Kohli who are the main Indian players of the respective teams. So it seems like few aren’t feeling disheartened by this.

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