IPL 2024 | 1038 Sixes Hit In Just 58 Matches

IPL 2024 | 1038 sixes hit in 58 games | Fastest to 1000-sixes mark

With batsmen wielding their willows like sorcerers summoning magic, the IPL 2024 witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of maximums. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, every batsman seemed possessed by the spirit of sixes, launching the white leather into orbit with breathtaking frequency. This year, it becomes the fastest IPL season to 1000 sixes. The batters are having a gala time in IPL 2024 with bowlers at the receiving end. Today, we will talk about the most sixes record in IPL 2024. We will also see a few more records made in this season. So let’s start.

Six hitting like never before | IPL 2024

The IPL 2024 is full of records with batters enjoying a very good time. We have seen so many records being broken and made in this season in terms of batting. You can feel sorry for the bowlers, but the fans can see how big scores, fours and sixes, strike rates, etc are going up.

Till now in 58 games of IPL 2024, 200+ totals being made 35 times. Out of them, 20 times teams crossed 220+ scores and 8 times teams crossed 250+ scores in an inning. Only Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) has scored 3 250+ totals in IPL 2024 so far, which is the most by any team in the tournament’s history.

If we talk about the sixes, a total of 1038 sixes were hit in 58 games of IPL 2024 so far.

Top 5 seasons of IPL with the most sixes

YearMatchesSixesSixes per match

The 1000-sixes mark has been breached in IPL for 3rd consecutive season

A 1000-sixes mark has been breached in IPL for the third consecutive season. Before that, 1000 sixes were hit in IPL 2022 and 2023 as well.

Also, it’s the fastest IPL season to 1000 sixes. Only 13079 balls (in 57 games) were taken in the season to reach 1000 sixes. Before that, 15391 balls (in 67 games) and 16269 balls (in 70 games) were taken in IPL 2023 and 2022 respectively to reach 1000 sixes.

Why have so many sixes been hit in the IPL over the last few years?

With 2 teams added to the tournament since 2022, the number of games in the tournament is more than usual. Not just that, over the years, the batters’ mindset are getting more and more positive and they play with intent right from ball one. Also, the implementation of the impact player rule, the penalty to field only 4 fielders outside if the overs are not completed on time, etc are some of the main reasons for so many sixes in the tournament. Over the years, the sixes have been hit quite frequently in the IPL. Also, the pitches are prepared more in favor of batters.

In IPL 2023, the batters hit six after every 15.34 balls, bettering IPL 2022’s 16.21. In IPL 2024 so far, after 57 matches, the ball per six number is 13.01. So you can see, six-hitting is getting better and better over the years.

Will IPL 2024 set a new high of sixes and surpass the IPL 2023 record of 1124 sixes?

The IPL 2024 will likely surpass the record of 1124 sixes in IPL 2023. Till now, in only 58 games, 1038 sixes were hit. With 16 games to go, we only need 86 sixes to surpass the IPL 2023 record. We might see more than 1124 sixes at the end of IPL 2024.

Most sixes by a team in a single IPL edition


Batters with the most sixes in IPL 2024 so far (after 58 matches)

Player’s nameMatchesSixes
Abhishek Sharma1235
Sunil Narine1132
Travis Head1131
Heinrich Klaasen1231
Virat Kohli1230

Most sixes in a men’s T20 match

Before this IPL, the record for the most sixes in an IPL men’s T20 match was 37, set in the Caribbean Premier League match in 2019 and in the Afghanistan Premier League match in 2018. When Sunrisers Hyderabad played Mumbai Indians on March 27, that record had been broken in Hyderabad with 38 sixes in 40 overs.

A few weeks later, Royal Challengers Bengaluru and SRH competed in a record-tying game in Bengaluru. Soon after, a six-hitting brawl between the Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens turned the record of 38 sixes into history. In just 38.4 overs, the two teams hit 42 sixes, with PBKS pulling off the greatest successful T20 chase.

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So this is all about the records in IPL 2024. The season still has 16 games left, including the Qualififers, Eliminator, and a Final. So we will see more carnage from the batters going forward. What do you think? With how many sixes this IPL season will finish? Comment your predictions below.


(1) Has Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) hit 100 sixes before in a single IPL season?

No. SRH hasn’t hit 100+ sixes in a single IPL season. Their previous best was 97 sixes in IPL 2022.

(2) Who is sitting at the last of the IPL 2024 points table right now?

After 58 games, Gujarat Titans found themselves at the last of the IPL 2024 points table with only 4 wins in 11 games.

(3) Which teams are officially eliminated from the IPL 2024 playoffs race?

Mumbai Indians (MI) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) are the two teams who are officially eliminated from the playoffs race.

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