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Win 100,000,000 on IPL Prediction Contest At Crickex App

Loyalty is highly valued by Crickex, which offers its committed users a chance to win huge cash prize of 100,000,000 this Indian Premier League IPL 2024.

What team do you think will win the most wickets or who will score the most? Perhaps you just have a gut feeling about which side will play the most fairly? Your chances of winning big could increase with each guess you make.

This IPL 2024 – guess the centuries, boundaries, wins, runs and wickets and win cash prize up to 100,000,000 with Crickex IPL Millionaire Contest.

Seven Different Categories for IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest

  1. Daily Match Predictions

    On Daily Match Predictions, players can predict on:
    ➬ Match Winner
    ➬ Team with Most 50’s
    ➬ Team with Most Sixes
    ➬ Team with Most Catches
    ➬ Team with Run-Outs
  2. IPL Winner Predictions

    On this IPL Winning Predictions, players can predict on:
    ➬ IPL 2024 Winner
    ➬ IPL 2024 Runner UP
    ➬ IPL 2024 Top 4 Teams
  3. IPL Centuries Predictions

    On this IPL Centuries Predictions, players can predict on:
    ➬ IPL Team with Most Centuries
    ➬ IPL Team with Most 50’s
    ➬ IPL Team with Less Centuries
  4. IPL Run-Scorer Predictions

    On this IPL Run-Scorer Predictions, you can predict on:
    ➬ Highest Run Scorer Team
    ➬ Top Team with 200+ Runs
    ➬ Lowest Run Scorer Team
  5. IPL Wickets Predictions

    On this IPL Wickets Predictions, you can predict on:
    ➬ IPL Team with Highest Wickets Taker
    ➬ Top 2 Team Wicket Taker
    ➬ Top Team Hat-trick
  6. IPL Boundaries Predictons

    On this IPL Boundaries Predictions, players can predict on:
    ➬ Team with Winner
    ➬ Team with Most Fours
    ➬ Most Super Over Team
  7. IPL General Predictions

    On this IPL General Predictions, you can predict on:
    ➬ IPL Top Fair Play Team
    ➬ Group Stage Buttom Team
    ➬ Group Stage Top Team

How to participate in Crickex IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest?

➤ Make an account on Crickex App

To participate in this IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest, you first need to create a Crickex account or sign up with Crickex App. Signing up with CrickexApp is your entry point into this exciting IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest.

➤ Deposit Amount on Crickex Account

To participate on this IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest, after sign up, players need to make deposit. Deposit criteria for this IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest is varies with the different category.

For example:
➛ In the Daily Match Contest, deposit criteria is 1500 – 3000.
➛ For the IPL Run Scorer Prediction, deposit criteria is 300k – 400k
➛ For the IPL Wickets Prediction, deposit criteria is 280k – 350k.
➛ In the IPL Boundaries Prediction, deposit criteria is 300k – 500k.

Similary, for IPL winner predictions, IPL centuries prediction, and IPL General Prediction deposit criteria is also set. For complete details do check on the terms and condition of IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest on Crickex app or official website.

For the terms & conditions of IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest, go to promotion section and click on the details of 100,000,000 IPL Prediction Contest ➝ then on the top right corner, you will see the terms & condition button. Click on terms & condition. And check the detail deposit criteria for eact categories section of 100,000,000 IPL Prediction Contest.

➤ Make Your Prediction

The time has come for you to begin making your predictions across all of the categories. Take a look at the various categories and make your predictions according to them. Taking your time to think about each one could lead to a big win.

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End Note

What are you waiting for then? Now is the time to put your skills to the test and use deeper analysis to make the best prediction for this IPL 2024 season. Above all, in order to win the Crickex App’s IPL Millionaire Prediction, you have to comply to the terms and conditions.

Out of 74 IPL matches, 14 matches has been completed. You have enough matches to take participate and win huge cash prizes on IPL Millionaire Prediction Contest. So make your best possible prediction and enjoy the contest this IPL 2024.

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