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Nowadays, Cricket has been more batters dominating, especially since the advent of T20 cricket. The bowlers always found ways to get away from the batters. Generally, in limited overs cricket, the fast bowlers or medium pacers bowl the death overs and try different ways to escape like Yorker, slower deliveries, slow bouncers, etc. Just like that, there is a delivery called off cutter, which fast bowlers use to outfox the batters in the last few overs. Today, we will talk about the off cutter delivery in detail. We will also talk about how to bowl an off cutter in cricket. So let’s start.

How to bowl an off cutter delivery in cricket?

An off cutter is a delivery used by the fast bowlers or medium pacers to deceive the batters. The delivery is generally used in the later part of the inning when batters try to go after the bowlers in limited-overs cricket. When the pitch doesn’t offer much assistance, fast and moderately fast bowlers use it to turn the bowl.

Also, when the pitch is a bit on the slower side where the ball won’t come on to the bat nicely, this delivery is more effective. On conducive surfaces, the ball holds more on the pitch and a batter sometimes misses the shot and a bowler might get away from conceding runs.

Sometimes, an off cutter produces a chance to take wickets as well. We have seen some of the bowlers like Lungi Ngidi, DJ Bravo, Harshal Patel, etc use this delivery to good effect. They took so many wickets by using this delivery. Now let’s talk about how to bowl this delivery.

An off cutter is the one that faces the right-handed batsman and rotates clockwise. A perfect off cutter moves towards the leg stump as it pitches on off stumps or middle and off-stump.

Gripping the ball is the key

Hold the ball with your thumb from below, your middle finger to the side, and your index finger on the seam. As you throw, cock your wrist back and use your fingers to draw the seam down the right side of the ball, cutting it with a cutting motion. Roll the ball with your index finger to add spin.

With the ball spinning off to one side, turn it into the leg stump

Like the turn of a clock on a doorknob. Your primary goal is to rotate the bowl at maximum speed. The ball is turning from the off stump towards the middle and leg stump, so keep that in mind. To release the ball at the last possible second, turn your wrist backward.

The index finger is vital to rotate the ball

Utilizing your fingers, try to produce a spinning motion. Rolling your arm is a necessary part of this phase. Imagine that the spin is being produced by your fingers using your wrist to assist.

Using your index finger, roll and let go of the ball. Attempt to rotate from left to right.

What’s the need for a variation for the bowlers?

Bowlers in T20 cricket have to navigate a constant barrage of forceful and creative strokes. The game moves quickly. Not only must they hit the ball with accuracy, but they must also survive the barrage of aggressive batting. Bowlers need to adjust quickly and keep changing their tactics to stay one step ahead of batsmen who aim to clear boundaries with every swing. They use cunning, tempo changes, and precision accuracy to make the batters uneasy. Because of the intense strain, bowlers frequently have to balance risk and reward because they know that one mistake might lead to a rush of runs being given up.

However, it’s precisely this difficulty that pushes players to grow and improve, perfecting their trade so they can survive in the harsh world of Twenty20 cricket. For bowlers, it’s not just about holding their own in the shortest format of the game; it’s about flourishing in the middle of turmoil and emerging as the architects of their team’s success.

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So this is all about how to ball an off-cutter and what’s in demand nowadays in T20 cricket. There are so many other deliveries that bowlers use in white ball cricket. Even in test cricket, sometimes bowlers use variation instead of conventional deliveries to get wickets.

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