How To Play Different Cricket Shots: A Guide

The artistry of cricket as a sport lies in those various shots, each crafted with precision and finesse, transforming the game into a spectacle of skill. From the elegant cover drive that goes past the fielder-like poetry in motion to the thunderous sweep that goes into the stand with brute force, every shot is a testament to the diversity of talent within the game. Today, we will talk about a few different cricket shots and how to play those shots. Not just the basic textbook cricket shots, but we will also talk about some other unorthodox cricket shots that are more in use in modern cricket. So let’s start.

How to play different cricket shots?

Defensive shots

The defense is one of the most important aspects of batting. It makes sure you can survive at the crease for a longer period. Playing aggressive shots also allows the bowler to create more chances of taking a wicket.

A defense is a base of batting that helps you play longer innings. There are two types of defenses; front-foot defense and back-foot defense. Let’s talk about both one by one.

Front foot defense

The front-foot defense can be done on fuller-length deliveries that are pitched closer to the batter. You cannot drive every full-length or good-length delivery to a boundary. Sometimes the conditions are conducive for the bowlers, and sometimes the situation demands you to play safely without taking any undue risks. So the front foot defense is the option for the batter.

To play a front-foot defense, bring your front foot forward towards the pitch and cover the line of the ball. Play under your eyes with your head still. Play the ball with soft hands to avoid the ball going to the slip fielder or keeper directly into their hands.

Back foot defense

As the name suggests, you have to pull your front leg back towards your body while covering the line of the ball. The ball will be on a shorter side so try to get on the top of the bounce of the ball.

Cover drive

A cover drive is one of the most elegant-looking shots in cricket. Some of the big international players like Virat Kohli, Aiden Markram, Babar Azam, etc are a few examples of a player who play this shot very well.

To play a cover drive, you need a full-length or good-length delivery on off stump or wider. If the ball is short, the shot will be called a backfoot punch. Bring your front foot closer to the line of the ball, with your knees slightly bent.

Find the gap by keeping your bat face as it goes past the cover fielders. Time the ball perfectly so that the ball will race away to the boundary perfectly.

Straight drive

Players like Sachin Tendulkar are famous for this shot. One of those cricket shots that are a treat to watch.

To play a straight drive, the ball should be fuller and on the stumps. Place the ball softly while covering the line of the ball. Your body weight should be on the front foot and raise your front elbow so that you can hit the ball down the ground.

Back foot punch

I love watching Aiden Markram playing a backfoot punch. The ball will be on the shorter side to play a shot where you can get on the top of the bounce. Place the angle of the bat towards the vacant area through cover or point fielder and find the gap to get the boundary.

Cut shot

There are a few different types of cut shots like square cut, upper cut, and late cut. You can’t play this shot if the ball is very close to the body. Your body weight should be on the back foot and spread your arms out to find the gap.

Flick shot

A player whose wrist work is good can play this shot perfectly. Players like Virat Kohli, and Usman Khawaja are examples of this. Generally, the batters from Asia are good at playing these shots.

Play this shot when the line of the ball is on middle or leg stump. Just roll your wrist towards the leg side where the fielders are not present.

Pull shot

Players like Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers, Ricky Ponting, etc are examples of this shot. One of those is the widely used cricket shots to score runs.

To play a pull shot, the ball should be on the shorter side, no matter what’s the line of the ball. I am saying this because the batter sometimes hits the outside off-stump line ball towards the boundary by a pull shot.

Nowadays, players like Rohit Sharma play the pull shot with the front foot as well. Generally, when the ball is short enough, your body weight must be on the back foot. Roll the wrist to find the gaps in different parts of the field.

These are only a few cricket shots that we discussed. There are various cricket shots like a helicopter, reverse sweep, hook, switch hit, scoop, etc. But we cannot talk about all of them in one article. Otherwise, the article will be very long.

Nevertheless, we will try to cover those shots in different pieces. Thank you for reading the article. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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(1) How many cricket shots are there in the world?

There are an endless number of cricket shots in the world. There is no certain number. You can find someone coming in and creating a new shot.

(2) Which origin of batters are famous for playing cut or pull shots?

Australian and South African players are famous for playing the cut-and-pull shots because they are used to playing on bouncer tracks at home.

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