A Look At The 5 Youngest Players In The IPL 2023 Auction

The IPL 2023 mini-auction is almost around the corner. This is one of the most exciting things happening before the end of the year 2022. It is going to take place on 23rd December 2022. A lot of new players are going to take part in it. Only 87 vacant spots are available. And, to fill those, 405 players are there. Out of those 273 players are Indians. And, the remaining 132 players are from overseas countries.

The Indian Premier League is quite famous all over the world. It’s not just about the game, but the young players getting exposure by playing with experienced ones. Every season, IPL youngest players come forward and give impeccable performances. Below we are going to discuss the five of the youngest players who will take part in IPL 2023.

1. Shaik Rasheed

He is one of the IPL youngest players. He is just 18 years, 2 months, and 25 days old. This player is basically from Andhra Pradesh. He was part of the under-19 team of Asia cup 2021. And, during the semi-final of this cup. He was 98 not out. Also, it was his crucial 31 runs of winning innings to grab the title.

However, nowadays he is not in great form. But his potential is known to everyone now. Therefore, he is definitely part of the auction for this IPL. However, it is unsure whether the franchises will bid for him or not. Still, Rasheed is a young player with technique. If not this, with the consistency he will soon enter the playing squad of ipl.

2. Kumar Kushagra

Here is another young player in the list of the IPL youngest players in the IPL 2023. He is even younger than Shaik Rasheed. Kushagra is only 18 years and 52 days old. He has an impressive first-class cricket average of 62.71. In fact, this is the youngest player to score 250 plus in first-class cricket. He is both wicket-keeper and a batsman.

Though he does not have much experience in t20 cricket. But, currently, he holds a score of 439 runs in just seven cricket innings. Now, the Indian Premier League will be a great platform for him to improve his batting in short formats of cricket. Rest, we will find out at the auction.

3. Shakib Hussain

Shakib is a medium-pace bowler. The player does have some experience with the shortest format of cricket. Also, he played for Bihar in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. One of the most impressive bowling performances was against Gujrat. Shakib gave just 20 runs and picked up 4 wickets.

The variation in his bowling can prove to be quite helpful for the team he will play for in the upcoming season of IPL. Out of all the IPL youngest players, he too is part of the auction. There are huge chances of the franchises bidding for him.

4. Dinesh Bana

Dinesh Bana is just a day younger than Shakib Hussain. Precisely, he is merely 18 years of age. Along with his batting performance, he is quite a wicket keeper too.

Surprisingly, he was supposed to be part of the IPL auction in 2022. But, as we know there are conditions to fulfill. One of which was to play at least one First Class cricket match. But now, he is all set to be part of the auction. And be on the list of IPL youngest players.

In IPL 2023, he is definitely going to attract a lot of bids.

5. Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar

This is on the top of the list of IPL youngest players. You will be surprised to know that he is just 15 years old. And, his base price is INR 20 Lakh.

Ghazanfar is from Afghanistan. And, he is an off-spinner. Also, he was part of the Big Bash League’s auction. Sadly, he could not be part of any time.

But, since his performance is improving. He can definitely attract the teams to bid for him.


To sum up, the IPL 2023 auction has a lot of young players. Everyone is trying to be in the playing 11. Or at least at the sidelines. Already, a lot of research work might be going on. There is only one possible way to find out about these young players if franchises will show their interest in them or not. Just watch the auction.

It will definitely be extremely fun to watch the auction as well as the IPL matches.

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