Who Has Been The Worst IPL Captain This IPL 2023?

The role of the captain is vital in T20 cricket. The format can be dramatically changed by strong bowling adjustments, modest field adjustments, or the man manager’s abilities. In a high-stress event like the Indian Premier League (IPL), when teams play non-stop cricket for over two months, this role is even more important.

Teams play non-stop cricket for around two months during a high-stress competition like the Indian Premier League (IPL).

As we move towards the end of the group stages, the IPL 2023 has produced plenty of close encounters and brilliant individual performances with both bat & ball. Teams like Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings & Rajasthan Royals lead the points tally. Thanks to their consistent performances throughout the league stages of the IPL 2023.

However, there are a few teams who have let their fans down. Even though their teams are stacked with quality players. In this blog, we analyze who is the IPL worst captain this season.

The IPL Worst Captain 2023: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma has clearly been the IPL’s worst captain in 2023. In ten matches in IPL 2023, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has scored 184 runs at 18.39 and a strike rate of 126.89. Among these runs are two ducks. Moreover, former India head coach Ravi Shastri said Rohit’s challenges have “doubled” due to being out of form with the bat.

You don’t nearly have the same resources that you did two or three years ago. The difficulties he faced as a captain might have increased. On ESPNcricinfo’s Ravi & Raunak program, Shastri discussed Rohit’s captaincy. In comparison to two years ago, when everything was neat and set–just go out there and do the job, Shastri said, “the work as a captain would have doubled.”

The following challenge is to inspire the team, put together a lineup, and determine who contributes and performs at each stage of the game.

Rohit has led MI to five championships, the most in the IPL’s history, in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. It makes him the IPL’s most successful captain ever. Last year, however, was one of their worst seasons. With only four victories in 14 games, they finished last. In addition to winning a couple of games this season, they also lost their first two games. Currently, they are ranked sixth.

Rohit’s decline in performance and the drop in results are related. With an average of 19.14 and a strike rate of 120.17, he scored 268 runs in the IPL 2022 without scoring a single half-century. A strike rate of 126.89 and 184 runs scored at 18.39 in ten innings don’t bode well for Rohit’s 2023. Two ducks are part of this.

Expert Verdicts on Rohit’s Form

As Sunil Gavaskar recently noted, Rohit “needs a little break” ahead of the World Test Championship finals and IPL’s league phase. Tom Moody, speaking on T20 Time on ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time: Out recently, noted that Rohit has looked a bit “mentally fatigued”.

Rohit’s captaincy has suffered from his poor batting record, according to Shastri. The work of a captain gets considerably easier if the team enters a run-scoring purple patch. When the team is scoring runs, there is a change in the players’ body language and bowling effort. No matter who you are, you may go flat, Shastri stated. 

Since you are the captain, it is crucial for you to succeed in this situation. The team they have and his professional level make it harder right now.

Once the players begin to work well together, the same squad may become a great one in a year or two. however, the captain must get the right blend.

According to former India opener Virender Sehwag, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is experiencing a “mental block” and is not having any mechanical issues with his batting. Rohit has had trouble scoring runs during this IPL season. He has only 184 runs scored, averaging 18.39 and striking out 126.89% of the time. 

He was unable to access his account during the last two games. In fact, Rohit recorded his 16th duck, a record for the IPL, during the most recent game against Chennai Super Kings.

“Rohit Sharma is engaged in a conflict with himself rather than the bowlers. There is a mental block,” Sehwag observed on Cricket Live on Star Sports.

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