The BCCI has allowed Jio to stream IPL 2023 matches in 4K

Hey Cricket fans, here comes the year 2023. Of course, the IPL 2023 is around the corner. People are waiting eagerly for the league to start. As not all can buy tickets and watch the matches on the ground. Therefore there are different platforms that will telecast the whole Indian Premier League. Moreover, you will be glad to know that you will be able to watch IPL in 4k quality this year.

If you are a football fan too, then you must be aware of the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022. In India, Sports 18 was streaming the whole football world cup. And, guess who is the owner of Sports 18. Yes, it’s Reliance. Jio Cinema of Reliance did the telecast of the whole Football World Cup for free in India. There were a lot of improvements that the Jio Cinema app required. After the updation, the application is all set to telecast IPL 2023. Moreover now, you can watch Ipl in 4k quality. In addition, those are free of cost for all Jio Cinema users.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India did give a green signal to the proposal for the same, 

How to watch IPL 2023 in 4K Quality?

As you all know that OTT platforms need a subscription to watch the IPL matches online. And, those subscriptions charge money to do so. However, with the Jio Cinema and Sports 18 application, you can keep the money in your pocket. In fact, you can watch each and every match of IPL 2023 for free.

All you have to do is to download either of the apps. Next, register yourself with them by entering the details they ask for. Once you are all set, just log in to the app. There you can look for the IPL matches. Thus, you can enjoy the game.

There is one more thing to know. Earlier, Hostar was streaming IPL matches for quite a year now. They have streaming in High Definition quality. The owner of Hotstar is Star India Private Ltd.

On the other hand, on Sports 18 and the Jio Cinema app, one can watch IPL in 4k quality. For those who do not know what 4k quality is, it is four times better than 1080p resolution. Basically, it is Ultra resolution.

Some more features of Reliance Streaming

Besides, you are able to watch IPL in 4k quality, and that too for free. There are some more key points to know too. Firstly, Reliance is targeting to reach 500 million users through streaming. As the telecast is free of cost, there is quite a fair chance of cricket fans opting for those apps to watch IPL 2023. Moreover, another reason for the expansion of users and viewers through this mode is streaming in 17 different languages. This will include Bhojpuri too.

BCCI did allow them after watching the streaming of the FIFA world cup 2022. And, Reliance is quite sure on their part to deliver the streaming of IPL 2023 in much better form than the FIFA World cup. They even mention the investment of a few hundred crores for upgrading their apps. This will aid the users to not come across glitches during the matches, and enjoy the matches without any interference.

You must also be wondering how the firm will benefit from it. As the streaming is totally free. So, they are going to manage the expenses by running 10-second advertisements just like you watch on television. This will help them to cover all the streaming costs.


All in all, it is great news for people who want to enjoy the IPL 2023, but do not have to sit in front of the television. Therefore, all they have to do is go for Jio Cinema or Sports 18 app and start enjoying the IPL matches.

The league is going to begin in March and end in May 2023. Moreover the total number of teams this year is ten in numbers. All squads are set too after the auction. Teams are just waiting to get on the ground. And the fans are able to watch IPL in 4k quality for free this year. Therefore the entertainment and viewership are going to be on another level.

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