The 5 Most Economical Bowlers In IPL History

The bowlers have a very big role to play in the tournament like IPL (Indian Premier League). In the last 10 years, the T20 leagues all over the world have emerged and it is mostly batsmen-dominated.

Everyone loves to see bowlers going for runs and batters hitting those huge sixes and boundaries all over the ground. But it’s the bowlers who restrict the opposition batters to score runs even in this batting-dominated era.

The bowlers have a tough task to block runs in this T20 era. But we have seen so many great bowlers in the history of IPL who bowled well and conceded fewer runs than others.

Their skills and ability to take wickets and restrict runs are magnificent. Someone like Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, J Bumrah, etc are the current bowlers at whom the batters take fewer chances to score runs because of their skills and ability to take wickets.

That is why sometimes the wicket columns didn’t show the true picture of the bowlers’ performance in the match. The opposition batters played them consciously and target the other bowlers in the team.

Today, we will talk about the top 5 economical bowlers in IPL history.

Top 5 economical bowlers in the IPL history

Note: The criteria for this list is the bowlers have to bowl at least 50 overs in the IPL history.

(1) Rashid Khan

When R Khan first came to Indian Premier League, he use to take so many wickets because of his ability to bowl quicker through the air. The batsmen went hard after him and it was very difficult to hit him the way he bowled with pace. Batters need to adjust their pace and at the same time, saw at which side the ball will turn.

He has a very good googly in his armory with comes in quicker with pace.

Now, the batters played him safe and try not to give him any wickets. Still, he manages to take enough wickets for the team and at the same time, is very economical in his bowling.

Rashid Khan has played 77 matches since his IPL debut in 2017. He took 94 wickets and his economy is only 6.33. Currently, he is playing for Gujrat Titans (GT).

(2) Anil Kumble

The Indian leg spinner is one of the best bowlers in the world and the legend of the game. He is also like Rashid Khan, who bowled quicker through the air and wicket to wicket. He is hard to get away and that is why the batters played him respectfully and didn’t try to hit him. That is why he is so economical in his bowling and is so successful.

In the 42 matches, he took 45 wickets with an economy of 6.57.

(3) G McGrath

The Australian great pacer has played the only season of the IPL for Delhi Daredevils (DD). He played 15 games in that tournament and took 12 wickets with an outstanding economy of 6.61.

His ability to bowl the perfect length was a treat to watch. He is always on the money when it comes to bowling good line and length.

(4) M Murlidharan

One of the best bowlers in the world. This guy has 800 wickets in international cricket (the most by any bowler in the world). He was hard to pick by the batters. And so many great batsmen have said this earlier in their interviews.

They said he was hard to pick by his hands. The batters didn’t know where the ball will turn. He is a genuine wicket-taker and is economical at the same time as well.

M Murlidharan played his last IPL game in 2014 with RCB. In total, he has played 66 matches in the IPL history and took 63 wickets with an economy of 6.67.

(5) S Narine: IPL

Just like the other spinner in this list, S Narine is one of the mysterious bowlers who is hard to pick by the batters. The West Indian mystery spinner has made life difficult for some of the great batters in the cricket world.

In the IPL as well, he is one of the key bowlers for any team. He is an x-factor in any bowling lineup.

In the 135 games, he has played so far in the IPL history, he has taken 143 wickets. His economy is 6.72 in the tournament.

So these are the top 5 economical bowlers in the history of IPL. Restricting runs in T20 cricket puts pressure on the opposition’s inning. And these bowlers have done this over the years for their teams. They were very economical in their bowling.

Who is your favorite bowler out of these 5? Comment your answer below.

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