Riyan Parag: This Year’s IPL 2024 Will Be Huge

Riyan Parag: This Year IPL 2024 will be huge for me- Interesting Facts to know!

For the Rajasthan Royals Player – Riyan Parag, the IPL – Indian Premier League 2023 was indeed a very disappointing season. As he could not maintain the mark with his mediocre performance. However, he made it back to his right form in the first 2 rounds of the 2024 Ranji Trophy, Assam. He had performed extremely well with his 2 back-to-back centuries.

It was a mindblowing moment when no one expected this guy could perform so well. As he had many backlashes and trolling for his performance in the IPL 2023. However, Riyan Parag has managed to get into sensation by scoring 155 runs out of 86 balls ( including 12 fours and 11 sixes) in the 1st round match 2nd innings held in Chhattisgarh.

Though he had put in his 100% effort, still Assam lost that match by 10 wickets. However, Riyan Parag displayed his classy performance with another marvelous century in 2nd round 1st innings against Kerala. He scored 116 runs which included 16 fours and 3 sixes.

Words of Riyan Parag after the Ranji Trophy Match

Riyan Parag stated that now he is expressing himself more on the field. He says that his mindset is to hit the 1st ball aiming for a sixer if it comes in his range. Also, he added that he doesn’t mind getting out while trying to play that shot.

He was confident that he had fine-tuned his game with his father Parag Das. Further, he adds on saying that he realized cricket is all about muscle memory so he practiced a lot and tried to be more repetitive in practice and implementing it in the game.

Riyan Parag achieves his fastest century in the Ranji Trophy

The talented all-rounder reached his century in just 56 balls against Assam in the Ranji Trophy tournament.

Moreover, Riyan Parag achieved the record of joint third-fastest-century in the Ranji Trophy. He shares the record with another Assam batsman Rajesh Borah, who made the remarkable achievement against Tripura in the 1977-78 season.

Ultimately, Rishabh Pant tops the list by achieving this feat in just 48 balls.

Riyan Parag faced Backlash for his Mediocre Performance in IPL 2023

After Riyan faced a lot of backlash for his mediocre performance in IPL 2023, he returned to his best form. Surprisingly, he scored marvelous back-to-back centuries for Assam in the Ranji Trophy. His fearless gameplay pattern has worked like a charm in red-ball cricket. After this, he decided to practice and improvise his white ball cricketing in the upcoming IPL edition of 2024.

Due to his previous results, Riyan says he would practice more in the nets. Also, he would take the help of Zubin Bharucha as well as his father Parag Das to tune his game. Based on this, he is expecting a spectacular IPL 2024.

Riyan realises his mistake in IPL 2023

Riyan Parag says that he can play the role that his team requires. So he doesn’t mind playing at 6th position or 7th position for the Rajasthan Royals.

He says he remembers the countless times he faced only 4 or 5 balls in an innings. Further, he added that the year when they played the finals Riyan got out on the last ball at least 6 times. So he states that he is not the kind of person who looks at the averages.

Riyan Parag in IPL 2023

The 22-year-old batsman wasn’t impressive in the IPL 2023 tournament. He was able to score only 78 runs in the 7 matches with his best score of 20 runs.

Riyan feels IPL 2024 is Huge for him

Riyan Parag said that “The Indian Premier League is going to be huge for me”. He said that because he was thinking of carrying his domestic form into the IPL. Also, he adds that though it is a different tournament, bowlers are more skillful Riyan would handle and maintain his skill the same way.

He says he had batted at the 4th number for Assam and if he does it consistently he would be able to fine-tune for that.

Parag is expected to hit 4 sixes during the tournament. However, it did not happen and Riyan became a victim of trolling. But, this time he would get much better and might help Rajasthan in winning their 2nd IPL Trophy.

Rajasthan Royals Retained Riyan Parag

The IPL Team Rajasthan Royals franchise retained Riyan Parag before the IPL 2024 auction. Also, Riyan Parag is quite confident about continuing his excellent form in this year’s edition. This time, his performance might help the Rajasthan Royals team win their 2nd IPL Trophy successfully.

Records of Riyan Parag in the Indian Premier League

Out of the 54 matches played in IPL, Riyan scored 600 runs in 44 innings for Rajasthan Royals with his highest score of 54 runs.

Interestingly, Riyan made his IPL debut against Chennai Super Kings on 11th April 2019.

Also, he took 4 wickets in his IPL career as a part-time leg-spinner with his best bowling figures of 1-7.

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