Rishabh Pant Opens Up On His Horrific Car Accident

Rishabh Pant Leg Injury after Horrifying Car Accident: Opens up on this!!

It was the biggest survival! A Horrifying car accident that caused Rishabh Pant Leg injury. The first thought that came to him was “His time in this world was over!”. But he is fortunate to have millions of fans and wellwishers whose anticipation for his success offered him a 2nd Life.

On 30th December 2022, Rishabh Pant came out of a life-threatening car accident. He expressed that he learned the biggest lesson of life to always have self-belief.

In a conversation with Star Sports, Rishabh revealed his experience with Death and Back to 2nd Life. He shared interesting topics about his mindset after recovering from injury, whether will he play cricket again, and whether he will ever drive a car again.

Rishabh Pant’s “Letting it Go” moment During his Horrifying Car Accident

Heartfully speaking, Rishabh Pant opened up in an interview on 24th August 2023 in Bengaluru. He spoke about what he felt exactly and about his “Letting it Go” moment during his horrifying car accident. Also, he said that first time in his life, he had that feeling of letting it go, and was like his time in this world was over.

The Car accident occurred while Rishabh Pant was driving his car from Delhi to Roorkee. He was going to assemble with his family. On the way to the destination, his car crashed into the divider. 

Rishabh says he was aware of the wounds in the accident. At the same time, he feels lucky not to have more serious injuries.

He was treated in Dehradun’s hospital. Later he was shifted to Mumbai and taken care of by BCCI’s specialist consultant. Rishabh Pant Leg Injury underwent Surgeries to rebuild all 3 ligaments in his right knee. However, he did his rehab in Bengaluru NCA – National Cricket Academy.

Mindset After Recovering from Injury

Rishabh says he focused on recovery and cut himself off from the world. Although it helped him in recovering fast significantly when the injury was so severe. Also, he felt bored, irritated, and frustrated, doing the same thing every day.

With a sense of study, Rishabh clarifies that until he starts playing cricket, he doesn’t want to plan much for the future. However, he asked the doctor how long it would take for him to recover as everybody is speaking different things. The doctor confirmed saying it would take 15 to 20 months. Rishabh has a great spirit that he told the doctor that whatever timeline he gives, he would reduce six months from it.

Last year January, Rishabh Pant posted his thankfulness on social media. He said that he is forever grateful and indebted to Rajat Kumar and Nishu Kumar. He is alive today just because of those people. They both pulled Rishabh out of his SUV Car before it caught flames.

Recollecting the moments after his car crashed, Rishabh said he had a major injury in the right leg. Rishabh Pant’s right knee got dislocated. Also when he was lying face down, his knee dislocated turning 90 degrees to the right side. Surprisingly, someone helped him get his knee back to its normal place.

Rishabh Pant Leg Injury – Will he play cricket again?

When Rishabh Pant had an accident, Puneet Solanki – Rishabh’s friend and manager was first to reach the hospital along with the player’s mother and sister. Solanki recollected Rishabh’s first words that he told immediately after the first surgery. He asked Puneet to come closer and whispered in his ears asking him to take off the the pads from his legs.

Rishabh was sedated heavily with anesthesia. Also, he could feel the pad’s heaviness so he asked it to be removed. Puneet’s fear was would Rishabh Pant be able to play cricket again.

2nd Life after Rishabh Pant Leg Injury

Rishabh Pant says he was in bed for one month. He urged me to stand, walk, and do normal things. Last February, he posted a photo on social media to update and thank all the people who prayed for his sooner health recovery.

A few routine things like Brushing his teeth, taking a bath, etc had become exciting for Rishabh. Slowly he started regaining good fitness and gradually started moving around. These are very normal but he gets excited because he feels fortunate getting a 2nd Life.

However, Doctors said there was no fracture. Also, Rishabh feels lucky that despite such a horrifying accident he was alive.

Rishabh Pant says he will still drive a car because he loves to do it. So there is no doubt he will continue playing Cricket at any cost. That is his Passion!

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