Learn To Make Deposit & Withdrawal in Crickex

crickex deposit

On Crickex Apps, you will find a great deal of content related to cricket and other popular sports in the Indian subcontinent. Despite its global popularity, it does not adversely affect the availability of betting options on these sports. 

Users wishing to bet on football have access to the same betting options as an established and popular bookmaker. For a popular match or tournament like the English Premier League, there are more than 100 different markets available.

Crickex has been reviewed and found to support every significant cricket match/tournament on earth. As a result, punters can wager not only on the T20I World Cup but also on the Ranji Trophy.

Crickex Registration

The registration process for Crickex is quick and easy. For new users to register at Crickex, follow the steps below.

  • Select the sign-up icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Then, the main registration page will open up.
  • Enter your username and password next. Select the password confirmation tab once you’ve done that.
  • Choose your currency from INR, BDT, or PKR as well. Now input your unique referral code, if applicable.
  • To proceed, press the arrow button once more.
  • Now you are being sent to another page. You must fill out the entire form on that page, including your full name, contact information (including phone number and email address), and verification code.
  • To proceed, select the “accept the Terms and Conditions” checkbox.
  • Then press the submit button. Your account will then be made.
  • After completing your KYC for payment verification, complete your transactions.

Crickex Deposit

Create an account and then proceed to the cash deposit area. You will find the Deposit button in the upper right corner of the tab. Currently, Crickex does not accept third-party funding and deposits must be made by the same account holder as the one used to log in.

It is faster to work with Crickex exchange officials. Over the next few hours, they will handle the cricket deposit and crickex withdrawal requests. Contacting customer service will also allow you to cancel the withdrawal order.

To make a successful deposit, a user must:

1. You need to log in to your account

crickex deposit

2. Scroll to the banking page

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3. Select the deposit method

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4. Make a Deposit

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How to Deposit Money with Online Betting Site Crickex?

Crickex allows you to deposit money quickly and easily. To get started, you need to create a Crickex account. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Create a Crickex account and log in securely
  • The deposit can be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll to the bKash payment option to make a payment.
  • Here, enter the desired amount (Minimum Deposit of 200 takas)
  • Select “Submit” from the menu.
  • Next, enter your UPI number
  • Activate the App
  • After selecting “Cashout,” click “Transfer the Amount.”
  • Then, navigate to Transaction History and copy your Transaction ID.
  • Whenever you visit Crickex again, paste that ID.

How to Withdraw Money from Crickex account?

Money can be withdrawn by users from our official Crickex website or gambling app. A player or wagerer must have enough money in their account to withdraw money.

Customers can benefit from the simplest ways to pay. We provide a variety of e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. With any of the chosen payment options, the withdrawal process could take up to seven days. However, the user often completes this process in no more than six hours.

You must follow a few easy actions for Crickex withdrawal, which also involves little effort:

  • Complete the account form. Connect your phone number and email address to your Crickex account
  • Go to the menu for withdrawals. To accomplish this, select “Withdrawal” from the Crickex banking menu
  • Choose the approach. Select the withdrawal method you want to utilize by clicking
  • Specify the amount. You must enter the amount of INR you wish to withdraw from your account
  • Verify your withdrawal

Your withdrawal request will then be processed by Crickex experts and move into the next stage. We will send you your money as soon as they authorize it. You can currently withdraw a maximum of INR 99,000 in a single payment.


The 24/7 Crickex exchange Bangladesh customer support is quite good. You need to enter Both the username and the mobile number. Some of the payment processors are available on the Crickex Exchange India.

With these apps, users may easily make a Crickex deposit or a Cricket withdrawal. It keeps the chat private, is rather participatory, and adds a hint of honesty. Customer service can help with problems involving payment methods. You can get customer support round-the-clock.