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Rohit Sharma vs Hardik Pandya as MI Skipper? IPL 2024 Welcomes A New Challenge For Mumbai Indians

After Hardik Pandya’s re-entry into Mumbai Indians for IPL 2024, there have been a lot of speculations about the team’s captaincy. Can Rohit Sharma or Hardik Pandya as MI skipper lead their team to the 6th IPL Trophy?

Has Rohit Sharma provided an early declaration about his future in Mumbai Indians? Why does Hardik Pandya as MI skipper have the maximum chance to take over the responsibility from Rohit Sharma?

The heated debate of Rohit Sharma or Hardik Pandya as MI skipper in IPL 2024 will be discussed along with many facts in detail…

Both Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma have excelled with their leadership skills.

After captaining Gujarat Titans for 2 editions of the Indian Premier League IPL, Hardik created a landmark action for the trade players in the history of IPL.

Previously, Gujarat Titans director Vikram Solanki stated that it was completely Hardik Pandya’s decision to return Mumbai Indians.

Earlier, Hardik Pandya was among the retained players’ list of Gujarat Titans. But, the necessary paperwork couldn’t be completed before the timeline. A day later, both Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans confirmed Hardik’s trade.

Furthermore, the BCCI officials have revealed that Mumbai Indians hit a sensational deal with Gujarat Titans to bring the all-rounder back to their side.

Also, Mumbai Indians have released Cameron GreenThe Australian all-rounder, to welcome Hardik on their side.

Finally, Hardik Pandya is back in the same place where it all began eight years ago.

Rohit Sharma vs Hardik Pandya as MI Skipper in IPL 2024? Solving the debate with crucial reasons

There is hardly any team that could give a special preference to an all-rounder in cricket. Though Hardik Pandya might be a talented all-rounder, it doesn’t make any logical approach for Mumbai Indians to bring him back to their side for INR 15 crores. The probable move indicates that Hardik Pandya as MI skipper in IPL 2024 could be the successor of Rohit Sharma.

Here are the possible reasons why Hardik Pandya as MI Skipper could lead the team in IPL 2024:

1. Defending Champions:

Mumbai Indians were the five-time defending champions under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy.

On the other side, Hardik Pandya led Gujarat Titans to both its IPL finals. Out of which, the Gujarat Titans were the defending champions of the 2022 edition and the runner-up of its next edition.

2. Future of Mumbai Indians:

Rohit Sharma as a 36-year old skipper led his team till the World Cup finals. Also, after the 2023 World Cup finals, there have been rumors about Rohit Sharma’s withdrawal as a captain in limited-overs cricket. This is because Rohit Sharma is in the waning periods of his career.

Probably, the Hitman might continue in the Mumbai Indians for the next two to three seasons.

As a result, Mumbai Indians, on the safer side appointed Hardik Pandya to transform as the future skipper.

3. Indian cricket team’s future captain:

Rohit Sharma has a proven track record of excellent leadership skills. He can still play a major role if Hardik Pandya as MI skipper takes the responsibility.

As a mentor for Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma can provide valuable guidance. This can help Hardik Pandya enhance his leadership skills to an elevated level. 

Rohit Sharma’s instruction on the field can groom Hardik as the future of the Indian cricket team captain.

Moreover, Rohit Sharma hasn’t played a T20I match for a year. Especially,  after the the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 semis, Rohit wanted to focus more on ODIs and Tests.

Mostly, Rohit Sharma would continue playing in the shorter formats only for the IPL matches.

Under Rohit Sharma’s absence, Hardik Pandya had lead Team India in T20Is.

Also, the selectors are looking for young and dynamic players for the forthcoming T20I World Cup.

Possibly, Hardik Pandya could become the next Indian skipper for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024.

Ahead of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, Hardik Pandya as MI skipper in IPL 2024 would aim to test his leadership skills.

4. Freedom as a batsman:

Rohit Sharma as an opening batsman can play his natural game with aggressive shots. It is commonly observed that captaincy can impact severely a player’s batting style and approach towards the game.

Hardik Pandya as MI skipper would provide some relief for Rohit Sharma to come out of the pressurized situations.

In the twilight period of his career, the Hitman can enjoy as an aggressive and dominating batsman, reminiscent of his initial cricketing days

5. Mass vs Class Leadership style:

Hardik Pandya follows an aggressive leadership style. The star all-rounder’s dynamic leadership can help his team achieve victories against the toughest opposition in the shorter formats of the game.

Contrarily, Rohit Sharma follows a calm and composed leadership style by taking time to have clarity of thought and implement decisions.

Both these players have a unique style of leadership that has contributed success of their teams.

If a chance is provided to Hardik Pandya as MI skipper, the star all-rounder could guide his team to success with a different game approach.

Also, being an ardent follower of MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya could involve a mix of mass and class style in his leadership qualities.

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