IPL 2023 – Phil Salt and Siraj Tiff: Shikha Pandey Responds To Trolls

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its powerful matches, suspensive finishes, and surprising twists and turns. The 50th game of the IPL 2023 season between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on May 6, 2023, was no different. Phil Salt’s excellent performance helped Delhi Capitals win convincingly. Everyone noticed when he and Mohammed Siraj argued on the field. 

Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Salt’s Knock Leads to Argument

In the fifth over of the Delhi Capitals run chase, Phil Salt and Mohammed Siraj were involved in an opinion that caused a short break in the game. The incident gave when Salt hit a boundary off Siraj’s delivery, and the bowler seemed to have said commodity to Salt.

The English batter answered with many choice words, which led to the two players getting into a long argument. The referees had to intervene to separate them. The game continued after a short break.

Shikha Pandey Responds to Pixies after Censuring Swearing on Field 

One of the people who participated in her studies on the incident was Shikha Pandey, an Indian women’s all-rounder. She took to Twitter to tell her definition of the use of the wrong language on the field, saying,” Swearing will not help anyone win any games!#JustSaying.”

Still, her tweet didn’t go well with some Internet users, who blamed her for her view and abused her. Pandey answered the fairies with a befitting response. Being strong-conscious, saying,” I have always admired Mohammed Siraj’s bowling.”

Shikha Pandey’s Tweet about Mohammed Siraj’s Bowling  

It’s worth noting that Shikha Pandey’s tweet about Mohammed Siraj’s bowling wasn’t just an answer to the fairies who were abusing her but an honest expression of respect for the fast bowler’s chops. Siraj, who has had an excellent IPL season so far; has been one of the name players for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

His ability to swing the ball both ways and always hit the correct lengths has made him cheer from fairness suckers and experts. Pandey’s tweet shows that referee knows no limits and that admiration for a player’s chops transcends gender and nation. It also highlights the importance of respecting fellow players, regardless of their team, on and off the field.

Pandey Clarifies Her Tweet After Netizens Hurl Abuse  

Despite Shikha Pandey’s harmless tweet, some internet users look at it as a dig at Mohammed Siraj. As a result, they hurled abuse at the Indian each-rounder, egging her to explain her position on the issue.  

Pandey reiterated her admiration for Siraj’s bowling chops and achievements in her posterior tweet. She also prompted people not to misinterpret her words and take their exchanges away if they tried to force a different narrative. Finally, Pandey emphasised that hurling abuse is not a respectable way to get one’s point across and only serves to further negativity.    

Phil Salt’s Knock Propels Delhi Capitals to Victory  

While the on-field argument between Phil Salt and Mohammed Siraj was one of the game’s highlights; the Englishman’s blistering knock was the name moment of the match. Salt’s 87 off 45 balls helped the Delhi Capitals chase down Bangalore’s total of 181 with four balls to spare.  

Salt’s innings displayed stirring power and perfection as he smashed nine fours and four sixes en route to his loftiest IPL score. His cooperation with Shimron Hetmyer, who scored 33 off 25 balls; was pivotal in icing Delhi’s palm, despite the early loss of commander David Warner.  

Delhi Registers Fourth Win of the Season and Keeps Playoff Qualification Expedients Alive  

With this palm, the Delhi Capitals have moved to fourth place in the IPL 2023 standings; with eight points from ten matches. The palm also keeps their playoff qualification hopes alive as they look to secure one of the top four spots in the league table.  

The team’s performance against the Royal Challengers Bangalore was particularly emotional, as they fast chased down a gruelling total. The Delhi Capitals will likely carry this instigation forward as they face tough challenges from the other brigades in the league. 


The recent IPL 2023 match between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore was a high-scoring event with some special moments. Although the on-field argument between Phil Salt and Mohammed Siraj and the following social media dispute were hard-luck; there were also positive parts of the game, such as Shikha Pandey’s answer to the fans and Phil Salt’s amazing round. The success of Delhi Capitals over Bangalore also keeps their playoff qualification hopes alive; and fans eagerly anticipate the team’s upcoming matches in the league.

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