Explanation Of New IPL Rule For 2023 With Impact Entry

There will be the introduction of the Impact Player Rule by the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the upcoming season, the league announced on Friday. There are no changes made to the basic rule so far by the IPL Governing Council. The basic rule will remain the same as that used in the recently concluded Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy, which took place in October-November.

As a quick primer on what tactical substitutions are and how they work, here’s what you need to know.

What exactly is this IPL New Rule?

At the toss, each team will be able to name four replacements on their team sheets, and one of them will be able to serve as the Impact Player during the match. A single Impact Player can use by both teams. You do not have to move if you do not want to.

Before the 14th overs of an innings, the Impact Player is allowed to replace any player from the pitching XI in the starting XI. There must be a notification from the captain or coach. Or, the manager before the end of the current over to the fourth umpire, or the on-field umpire, whichever is the case. An impact player can introduce by a batting team when a wicket is lost. Or, during an innings break, depending on when a wicket is lost. After the introduction of an Impact Player in a match, the player can bat and may bowl his full quota of four overs in an uninterrupted inning. In case a player retires hurt, Impact Player can be introduced only at the end of the over in progress and is eligible to bat. In any situation, only 11 players can bat.

Can the substituted player take a further part in the game?

It does not matter if the player is substituted. Or, even if he uses a substitute fielder. He cannot play in the game anymore. The current playing conditions, as outlined under MCC Law 24.1 – substitute fielders. Also, will apply to a player who suffers an injury. But, while fielding in the middle of an over if he is injured during the fielding of the over. Nevertheless, if the injured player is replaced by the Impact Player during the match. Also, then the injured player will not be able to take part in the match anymore. Otherwise, it is only possible to introduce an Impact Player after an over for the fielding side has been completed.

The MCC Law 24 – Fielder’s absence; substitutions – will come into effect if an Impact Player is use by a team. And, an injury occurs as a result of their usage. The umpires will allow a substitute fielder to take the field in place of a player who has been injured. Or, is become ill during the match if they are satisfied that the player is injured. There shall be no bowling or captaincy duties performed by the substitute.

Will teams allow an Impact Player in shortened games?

I agree, but not if a delayed start reduces the number of overs per side to less than 10 overs due to a delayed start.

How is this different from BBL’s X-Factor rule?

The X-Factor rule allows teams to substitute a member of their starting XI beyond the 10th over of the first innings. And, the replaced player cannot have already batted or bowled more than one over. A replacement player can bowl a maximum allotment of four overs, even if the player they’ve replaced has bowled.

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