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Crickex proudly brings you a host of special bonus offers and exclusive markets for you to enjoy during the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, both pre-match betting and live betting. Take advantage of “Crickex 50 Million Prize Pool” offer and live betting experience along with a free live streaming of high quality, competitive odds, and a multi-live feature.

Crickex being among the top brand in cricket betting exchange and online casino gaming market, is well aware of the passion that goes with cricket fans. That is one of the reason, Crickex always come up with mega offers. This T20 World Cup 2024, Crickex brought you a 50 Million Prize Pool promotional offer to keep you engaged and make you feel like you are playing in the field via live betting experience.

With the free live streaming and live betting experience of Crickex, it helps you to get accurate data like what is happening in the cricket match. Accurate data are an asset that helps you to make informed decisions and can help you win huge money.

In this article, we will go over how to enter the Crickex Apps 50 Million Prize Pool of T20 World Cup 2024 and how to take advantage of this T20 World Cup Prize Pool.

How Do I Enter The 50 Million Prize Pool of T20 World Cup 2024?

➤ Register for a Crickex App account.

To begin taking advantage of this amazing bonus offer, you need to register or create an account on the Crickex App. Make an account on Crickex if you don’t already have one. Thus, it serves as your entry point into this thrilling contest.

➤ Make the highest deposit and turnover in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024

To win the Crickex 50 Million Prize Pool of T20 World Cup 2024, you must make the highest deposit and have the highest turnover in the upcoming t20 world cup 2024.

➤ This competition is only open to bets made on sports platforms.

It is important to note that this competition will only accept wagers made on sports platforms.

More Information on 50 Million Prize Pool of T20 World Cup

  • Promotion start & end date: The promotion begins on June 02, 2024 and ends on June 29, 2024.
  • Increase your turnover: The goal of this promotion is to bet on the most sports and make the biggest deposit during the promotional period. A higher turnover will increase your chances of success; the higher the turnover, the better.
  • Weekly Winners: Based on which players have made the highest deposits and turnover, Crickex will select winners each week. Throughout the promotion, there are several chances for you to win, which increases the excitement.
  • Point System: A point system will determine the winners. A player can earn as many points as he or she wants. There is no limit to how many points players can earn, it’s unlimited. The total points you receive will be based on your turnover and deposit.
  • Timely Bonus: Your bonus is available right away, so you do not have to wait for long to make use of it. Within 24 hours of releasing the leaderboard results, it will be added to your account.

To check the leaderboard, visit to

To ensure fair play and smooth operation of the Crickex 50 Million Prize Pool of the T20 World Cup 2024, please review the details and terms on the Crickex App.

Understanding thе Pоіntѕ System

It is essential to understand how the Crickex 50 Million Prize Pool of T20 World Cup points system works. And how many points you receive will be determined by your turnover and deposit.

  • Deposit Pоіnts: As you make more deposits, you earn more points. As a result, participants are encouraged to increase their wagers. For example, a 1,000 deposit earns you 4 points.
  • Turnover Points: Turnover is equally important. Points are awarded based on the number of bets you place and the turnover you make. If your turnover reaches 10,000, for example, you will get six points.

50 Million Prize Pool Terms & Conditions

  • Every Monday until midnight of next Sunday, the bets you place will be accumulated into turnover.
  • There will be a random selection of winners based on the highest deposits and turnover.
  • Each player’s ranking will be determined based on the number of points they have collected.
  • Each player can only have one account.
  • Players will be eliminated or disqualified from the promotion if they create multiple or fraudulent accounts. The remaining amount will be forfeited, and the account will be frozen.
  • It is solely at Crickex’s discretion to modify, alter, discontinue, cancel, refuse, or void this promotion.
  • The promotion’s terms and conditions must be accepted and followed by participants.

#Note: Please check in detail terms & conditions on Crickex 50 Million Prize Pool Terms & Conditions

How do I sign up for Crickex App?

  • The first thing to do is to open the official website or download crickex app.
  • Then click on the Crickex Sign up or Join button.
  • Now, fill the registration form with the correct information. Choose between INR, BDT, NPR, LKR, and PKR as your currency.
  • Please read the terms & conditions and check the “Agree” box before clicking on Submit button.
  • After you clicked or checked the “Agree” box. Click on the confirm or submit button.

Crickex: Best Cricket Betting Exchange App To Bet On T20 World Cup 2024

This betting exchange app’s features, bonus offers, and odds—as well as its user-friendly interface—are some of the main factors contributing to its rising are popular among Nepal, Pakistan, Indian, and Bangladeshi cricket fans and bettors. Other reasons for its popularity are as follows:

  1. Live Betting Experience:

    With Crickex, you can bet live on cricket with free live streaming, dynamic odds, and multiple live betting options. In addition to placing bets, players can take advantage of a free live stream. The in-play betting feature comes in particularly handy for live cricket betting, as every run scored and ball bowled directly impacts the odds.
  2. Competitive Betting Odds:

    Crickex is one of the best bookmakers in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India with the best odds. Any bettor’s hope is to potentially increase the amount they win on each bet. This app offers more competitive odds on sports and cricket than most other websites in order to please its users.
  3. Safe, Secure аnd Convenient:

    This cricket betting app is licensed by Curacao Gaming. Therefore, Crickex provides a safe and secure environment for cricket betting, and also provides safe transactions and a more seamless experience, guaranteeing your convenience and safety.
  4. Popular Bet Types

    The following are the most popular types of bets that Crickex offer:

    – Top Scorer
    – Man of the Match
    – Best Bowler/Batter
    – Toss Winner
    – Series Winner
    – Outright Winner

End Note

Take part in the T20 World Cup contest to win a prize pool of 50 million. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity by placing bets on T20 World Cup 2024 cricket matches using the Crickex Betting App.

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