Crickex Bonus & Promotional Offers For 2022

Crickex Bonus

Crickex India Review

For Indian punters, Crickex is a new betting destination. Crickex review will focus on assessing the options available to users on this platform along with the crickex bonus and promotions.

However, in the Indian subcontinent, cricket and other sports are very popular. So, Crickex has a greater focus on them. Even, sports that enjoy global popularity do not suffer from a reduction in betting options. Moreover, the user who wants to bet on football at a popular and established bookmaker has the same amount of betting options. If the English Premier League was a popular tournament/match, there would be more than 100 different markets.

In terms of cricket, Crickex offers support for every major cricket match and tournament on the planet. So, the Ranji Trophy and other sports will also be available for bets, in addition to the T20 World Cup.

It has only been a few years since Crickex was introduced as a full-fledged betting site. Moreover, more bonuses can be added to the site and the customer support segment could be improved. So, users will have access to some attractive betting options on Crickex. Because due to its ability to shine in almost every area.


  • Betting on cricket is very popular.
  • Android app of the official Google Play store.
  • Even, UPI support is also available.
  • Sports events can be streamed live.


  • It is lacking a proper welcome bonus.

A rating of 4.5 out of 5 is given.

Types of Games Crickex Offers

There is almost each and every type of game that crickex provide. Some of them are mentioned below, just have a look:

  • Cricket
  • SBO
  • Sportsbook
  • Kabaddi
  • Casino
  • Slot games
  • Table games.

You can check them out at Crickex Website

Crickex Promotional Offer & Bonuses 2022

Crickex Bonus: Crickex offers a variety of bonuses for Indian users. Even, it is perfect for betting fans, since free bets are available. Even, for casino fans, since free spins are regularly given out. So, the following page contains all of the information you need about Crickex bonus programs. Also, get the best casino and betting experience by learning how to use our bonuses!

Crickex Bonus & Promotional Offers

Crickex Welcome Bonus

While we don’t offer welcome bonuses to new users at Crickex. Also, you can still get something interesting. So, several exciting promotions are available to all of our Indian users. And, they can provide you with pleasant emotions and big winnings with minimal risks. Also, they will always find a way to please you, regardless of what you bet or play. And, no matter what holidays or high-profile sporting events you are watching!

Crickex Promotions

To give you a better idea of what Crickex has in store for you, we will briefly describe each bonus. So, for the users, new bonuses are added constantly as we analyze the market.

You can maximize your winnings by checking out the current list of Crickex bonus!

Gift Point Exchange

Crickex has now come up with a new offer for its players. This is the Gift Point Exchange. Now you can earn gift points without limits. The gift points can also be exchanged for real money. Redeeming gift points requires a minimum of 100 points. The value of 1 gift point is the same as 1 real money. Players now can earn unlimited gift points. However, sports doesn’t include in gift points.

Refer A Friend

You can both get INR 200 for inviting a friend to join the game on Crickex as part of this offer. You must invite someone with a balance of INR 1,000 and a turnover over INR 5,000 to get it. Automatically, money will be sent to both of you!

Weekly Lucky Draw

We will give you a lottery ticket for every deposit of INR 1,000. The Crickex iPhone 13 will be given away to a lucky winner every Sunday at random among all ticket holders.

Birthday Bonus

This is a kind of Crickex No deposit bonus, because here you just get a gift for your birthday of INR 1,000. For the last three months, a minimum of INR 5,000 has to be deposited. Our support team will help you get the bonus.

Monday CashBack

There are a number of bright providers available on Crickex, including Evolution. Whenever you lose money playing casino entertainment provided by this provider, you will receive 5% cashback back into your game account.

Sexy Baccarat

You can play Sexy Baccarat on Crickex, one of the interesting casino games. Every week, 5% cashback will be credited back to your gaming account if you play this game.

Slot Cashback

On Mondays, we offer cashback to players who enjoy playing and winning at slots. There is also a 5% cashback here that is automatically credited to the balance.

Daily Slots Rebate

Crickex also offers 1.2% daily discounts on slots (except a card and craps games). Automatic accrual of the discount occurs.

How To Claim The Crickex Bonus And Offers?

There are not many betting bonuses available to sports bettors on the Crickex online betting site. On their birthday, players can receive a bonus of Rs.1000.

By referring a friend, you can win Rs.200 as a referral bonus. Additionally, you can exchange gift points. Weekly lucky draws offer the chance to win an iPhone or Rs.1000. The bonus offers can be claimed by visiting the site.

Bonus Conditions

There are terms and conditions attached to every Crickex bonus. It remains the same in terms of the basic rules, however. Here are a few of them:

  • Players are limited to one account per person.
  • The bonus offer has been halted and multiple fraudulent accounts have been frozen.
  • It is possible to combine the bonuses.
  • Bonus claimants should follow the Crickex rules and regulations.
Claim Crickex Bonuses

How To Claim Crickex Welcome Bonus

Crickex casino does not offer a specific welcome bonus. There is a sexy baccarat casino bonus available that allows bettors to win up to Rs.5,000,000. The bookmaker is giving you a huge bonus here.

A birthday bonus and a referral bonus are also available. You can learn more about these bonuses on the betting side.

Steps to claim the casino bonus

Crickex casino bonuses can be claimed in the same way as sports bonuses. Your bonus amount will be available to you within no time. The following steps are to be followed:

  • Create an account on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Make sure your account is verified.
  • Check out Crickex’s promotions page.
  • Depending on the bonus you want to claim, you need to make the minimum deposit.
  • Play live casino games while fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.

How To Claim Crickex Refer A Friend Bonus

Crickex referral code will be automatically available to you once you register with the bookmaker. Referral links can be found in the Accounts section. Invite your friends using the link.

Crickex referral codes (if any) and Crickex bonus codes (if any) differ mainly in their purposes. So, users can receive one-time bonuses when they enter a bonus code. As a result, the Crickex referral code opens up the possibility of long-term gains. Even, Crickex promotions continue as long as a friend successfully refers a friend to Crickex.

But, the Crickex referral code offer can only be claimed once you have registered for an account. Steps involved in the process are as follows:

  • On the home page of the bookmaker’s website, click the sign-up tab.
  • Your preferred username, password, and Crickex referral code can be entered here.
  • Please enter your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • Please enter the verification code you received via email or phone.
  • To complete the process, you must accept the terms and conditions.

How To Claim Crickex Weekly Lucky Draw

Registered users can participate in Crickex’s weekly lucky draw. You only need to register with Crickex to take advantage of the Crickex lucky draw offer. You will receive a ticket for every INR 1000 deposit. The tickets you submit will add to a pool where a random winner is chosen at the end of the week.

How To Claim Crickex Birthday Bonus

There is a birthday bonus available to every Crickex user. So, during the past three months, you must have deposited at least INR 5000. Also, Crickex customer service will contact you on your birthday to claim your reward.

Even, once the details verify, INR 1,000 will credit to your account. Although, you can enjoy this promotion within a year. Even, if you deposit INR 5000 during the T20 World Cup. To top it off, let’s add a cherry. Also, there will be an ICC One Day International World Cup in 2023. As a result, the T20 World Cup can benefit the upcoming ODI World Cup. So, there’s nothing to lose!

How To Claim Crickex Monday CashBack

Selection of winners on every Monday. You will have a greater chance of winning the iPhone13 – 64 GB the more you deposit in multiples of 1000. So, there are over four weeks left until the World Cup. Imagine what your chances would be if you tried your luck.

How To Claim Crickex Sexy Baccarat

To log into Crickex, follow these steps:

  • Visit to see the bookie’s official website
  • You can sign up by clicking the sign up button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Your gaming username, password, and confirmation must be entered.
  • If you have a reference code, enter it.
  • After you have filled out the form, click on the next arrow.
  • Then provide your full name, mobile number, and e-mail address. Also, the verification code. Term and condition acceptance.
  • Create an account by clicking the submit button.
  • What a simple process, isn’t it? Moreover, join the bookie as soon as possible and create an account on the site. So, check out the crickex sexy baccarat bonus offer and the mobile app.

How To Claim Crickex Slot Cashback

Bonus of 5% on cashback. So, get a 5 percent cashback bonus worth up to 500,000 INR every Monday when you play Sexy Baccarat, any slot machine, or EVO. Moreover, your cashback will calculate once you make a bet on the game. So, you can only participate in the promotion, But, only if you play the games listed in the Terms and Conditions.

How To Claim Crickex Daily Slots Rebate

To log into Crickex, follow these steps:

  • Visit to see the bookie’s official website
  • You can sign up by clicking the sign up button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Please enter your username, password, and confirm your password.
  • If you have a reference code, enter it.
  • After you have filled out the form, click on the next arrow.
  • Then, the verification code will appear when you enter your full name, mobile number, and email address. Even, the terms and conditions acceptance is very important.
  • To create an account, click the submit button.

Customer Support

In India, Crickex provides sports exchange and sports betting services. Even, customers can rely on Crickex’s high-quality sports platform, which boasts cutting-edge technology. All customers at Crickex will have an excellent online sports betting experience thanks to its best-in-class platform. is Crickex’s corporate email address if you want to contact them.

Terms & Conditions

By opening a record with us, the accompanying portrayals is must in need:

a) You are something like 18 years old. Restriction in betting for minors and is deserving of regulation;

b) You are of the sound psyche, fit for assuming liability of your activities, and can legitimately tie a concurrence with crickex.

c) You consent to give precise data, including yet not restricted to date of birth and nation of home. Moreover, you consent to illuminate us regarding any progressions in the prior data.

d) You are the individual whose subtleties is in the enlistment cycle;

e) You are going about as a head and not as a specialist for the benefit of an outsider;

f) You are not an undischarged bankrupt or in a deliberate game plan with your lenders;

g) You must not belong to a nation where the utilization of our administrations is restrictive.

Moreover, you are completely dependable in consenting to your neighborhood, public, government, state, or different regulations. But, in regards to wagering and betting regarding account enrollment, putting down wagers, and utilizing any of our administrations.

h) You will give legitimate documentation and data upon a solicitation to recognize your status, age, address, and nation of birth. And, other such subtleties consider significant regarding the opening and upkeep of your record. However, besides you concur that they check the believability of such data.

So, it is your obligation to refresh the previous data of any changes. Even, our framework may not furnish significant warnings to clients with obsolete applicable data.

Although, you are liable for the security and privacy of your record. So, this incorporates username and the secret phrase thinking about the email. And, the username utilized in signing into your record. Also, the utilization of individual messages might reduce profile security when left with careless clients.

Store and Withdrawal of Assets

To begin wagering, you want to store reserves.

That’s what you embrace:

a) All cash kept in your record is untainted with any wrongdoing and doesn’t began from any criminal behavior or source;

b) All installments should make into your record and approval is very important. And, you won’t endeavor to switch any installment make into your record. Even, make any move to a such degree made by as outsider. So, this will keep away from any responsibility.

c) Also, you acknowledge that all exchanges can easily check to forestall illegal tax avoidance. And, any dubious exchanges will definitely account for to proper specialists.

d) You concur that you are not qualified for any interest in your stores and recognize that you will not regard Crickex as a monetary foundation.

e) The store choices can view as once sign in to your Crickex account. And, then tap the “Store” button at the upper right half of the landing page.

f) So, when the withdrawal choices will once sign in to your Crickex account. Then, simply just tap on the “My Record” symbol. So, after that, the “Pull out” choice should be selected. Then, the players might pull out any sum from their “Fundamental Wallet”. Even, sums might shift relying on the betting prerequisite of the particular sportsbook.


So, take advantage of the crickex bonus offers by joining the site right away. To qualify for cashback, you must follow the bonus’s general terms and conditions. Take advantage of the bonuses and offers by downloading the Crickex mobile app.


1. Crickex is legal in India, isn’t it?

There is a legitimate license for Crickex to operate legally in India. On the site, the license from Curacao applies.

2. Where can players open accounts?

Registrations for Indian residents are currently open on Crickex.

3. Does the platform require ID verification?

The importance of ID verification not overstate. Moreover, this verification can easily done by submitting documents. But, it is must to have a photograph. For example, passports or driver’s licenses.