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Match Prediction & Betting Tips: You have found the right place if you are looking for your daily dose of cricket match predictions. With expert predictions, our cricket tipsters cater to bettors from all over the world, regardless of whether the leagues or tournaments are popular or not.

Almost all the information users need to excel at cricket betting and make a ton of money is covered on our site.

IPL Betting Tips

A feast of top-class cricket for cricket fans across India and around the world, the IPL is one of the most popular cricket tournaments of the year. The best players in the world come together in one place to compete with IPL champions, on the biggest stage, in front of a global audience.

As the IPL gets underway, most of the betting apps will be doing a lot of business and there will be an increasing number of shrewd punters looking for the best betting advice during this exciting cricket tournament. By crunching the numbers, reading reports, and analyzing teams and players throughout the IPL season, we strive to provide you with the most accurate predictions and IPL tips.

You can find our IPL predictions and information on the best IPL betting sites on our site, and you can also increase your IPL gaming knowledge by checking out our list of the best IPL bookmakers on our site.

Match Prediction Tips

From Tests to T20s and IPL to ODIs, we provide all of today’s cricket betting tips and predictions. Crickex’s cricket betting tips is actually produced by cricket fans who have a vast amount of knowledge about the sport. To ensure more often than not, they make predictions based on deep analysis.

In spite of the fact that winning on cricket can never be guaranteed its unpredictable nature is why we love it so much. Crickex’s record stands out for itself. The right place to find cricket betting tips is right here. Our site has everything you need to know about IPL, CPL and all other sports betting!

Weather and pitch conditions have such a large impact on the outcome of a cricket match. That it’s hard to make accurate predictions. It is also essential that our experts take all this into account when selecting which wagers they will recommend based on the toss.

With our cricket betting experts covering various matches every single day. You can place your bets well in advance of the toss. In other words, you can bet on any T20 match you want. Such as the Big Bash or the Indian Premier League. Or, you can bet on Test matches like the Ashes between England and Australia.

With our cricket predictions, you will surely get the best and most accurate results. even the free newsletters publish every day!

Why We are One of the Best in the IPL Betting Predictions?

Is there any reason why you should trust Crickex for cricket predictions instead of any other site? Due to the fact that our cricket tips are produced by professionals with extensive experience in this growing area of betting. Our success rate is right up there with the best.

Moreover, Crickex has a success rate of over 80% for cricket predictions based on the wagers we have recommended. According to our predictions, about 81% of the bets we suggest to cricket fans turned out to be winners.

The fact that expert cricket predictions have such a high hit rate is clear evidence. Even, that publishing expert cricket predictions is not as easy as it seems. We recommend a lot of wagers for cricket matches around the world. So, it is obvious you would make a significant profit if you bet on them all. With today’s match predictions that you read right here on Crickex. You’ll have more money to spend on whatever you want.

How are Today’s Cricket Betting Predictions being produced at Crickex?

It is important that our experts get to the bottom of all the relevant data. So, that they can make an informed recommendation based on that data. Despite the fact that numbers are useful. Even, they cannot tell you everything about the sport. This is why we also check out important news stories. Such as which players are injured and might miss a certain match as a result.

Players who are coming into good form can be identified by the data to help their team win. We were able to produce a winning wager on a recent match between the Sydney Thunder Women and Adelaide Strikers Women. It is in the Big Bash.

It was recommended by one of our expert cricket tipsters that a bet be placed on Adelaide Strikers. As they thought that the team would be far too strong for Sydney Thunder in this game in Hobart. The prediction from Crickex proved to be a win as Adelaide Strikers won the match by a large margin of ten wickets. And, providing profit to anyone who followed the tip from Crickex during the match.

In addition to producing cricket predictions and betting tips here at Crickex. We also make sure that our bookmaker reviews are 100% accurate. And, honest for all the top online casinos that are available in India. Therefore, if you are in the process of selecting an Indian online bookmaker for cricket bets. Also, you are trying to decide where you want to spend your money. You have all the information you may need when making your decision.

Must Know!

You are certainly at the right place if you want to place a bet on a Test series between South Africa and Sri Lanka. Or perhaps you want to bet on a match from the Indian Premier League T20.

We are extremely proud of the amazing 81% success rate our cricket predictions and betting tips have boasted over the years. And, we hope you will choose to follow our cricket predictions.  Also, betting tips on these pages as well.


As soon as the IPL season gets underway, the game action becomes thick and fast. And, it is no secret that it’s not just a tough tournament for the players, but for the punters, as well. Our IPL expert predictions are one of the best ways for cricket punters to narrow down. But only when they are deciding which games to bet on and which markets to choose between. And, with so many games to bet on and so many markets to choose from. The cricket punters can benefit from IPL match tips to make the best decisions.

Throughout the competition, our team of IPL betting experts is dedicated to looking for the most competitive odds. And, the best value in all of the betting markets. It is from the day’s matches winner market to the tournament winner, top batsman, and top bowler betting markets. The IPL game prediction site on our site should be your first point of call for IPL cricket betting tips. And, advice for today’s and tomorrow’s IPL matches as we are the go-to site for today’s and tomorrow’s IPL matches.

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