5 Players To Retire After IPL 2024

5 players to retire after IPL 2024: From MS Dhoni to Faf du Plessis

Retirement is one such common factor in cricket which isn’t acceptable by many cricket fans. Apart from MS Dhoni, there are possibilities for certain players to retire after IPL 2024, which might disappoint some fans as well.

As players reach the natural aging process, it is a period for any athlete to say goodbye to their career. Also, it becomes impossible to resist their fading youth.

Despite some players retiring from international cricket, they have contributed their best efforts in the IPL tournament.

Being a cricket fan, it is important to know that all good things have a beginning and a conclusion.

Especially, cricketers receiving a grand reputation and farewell on their retirement day show their remarkable achievements throughout their career.

It would be exciting to explore the chances of players retiring after IPL 2024, provided with their detailed stats.

Top 5 Players to retire after IPL 2024: A detailed list

From MS Dhoni to Faf du Plessis, here are the five players to retire after IPL 2024. Especially, these players form the essence of the whole Indian Premier League:

1. MS Dhoni (42 years): Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

MS Dhoni is one of the rarest players to retire after IPL 2024 who has surpassed the rules of aging factor.

Since the inaugural season in 2008, MS Dhoni had a strong bond with CSK for more than 17 years in IPL.

Despite having discomfort in his knee, Dhoni continued playing for the entire IPL 2023 tournament. Also, he led his team to the 5th winning title in IPL.

Out of 250 IPL matches, he scored 5,082 runs in 218 innings with his best score of 84 runs.

At the same time, fans witnessed that he wasn’t the same player as before with his aggressive finishing skills. Many expected that he would announce his retirement after IPL 2023.

But Dhoni promised that he would certainly come back for his fans in the subsequent edition.

Being a batsman cum wicket-keeper for Dhoni about to reach 43 years, makes it impossible for his appearance in IPL 2025.

2. Dinesh Karthik (38 years): Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

From the beginning of the Indian Premier League, Dinesh Karthik has been a true iconic player.

Before coming back into RCB in 2022, Karthik played for various IPL teams.

He is one of the expected players to retire after IPL 2024, with less chance of securing his position in the Indian cricket team.

The wicket-keeper cum batsman has scored 4516 runs in 221 IPL innings. Out of the 242 matches, he achieved his best score of 97 runs while playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2019.  

3. Amit Mishra ( 41 years): Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)

As an experienced spinner, Amit Mishra made a comeback in IPL 2023 at the age of 40 years. He signed a deal with Lucknow Super Giants for INR 50 lakhs.

Amit took 173 wickets in 161 IPL matches, which includes his best bowling figures of 5-17.

Unlike Amit Mishra, there aren’t any hat-trick players to retire after IPL 2024. He is popularly known as a “hat-trick man” in IPL.

Interestingly, the spin bowler is the only player to take three consecutive wickets in an IPL innings during the 2008, 2011, and 2012 seasons.

4. Piyush Chawla (35 years): Mumbai Indians (MI)

After involving in the national cricket team for nearly 20 years, Piyush Chawla became a valuable asset for Mumbai Indians.

Moreover, he is the 3rd highest wicket-taker in the entire IPL history. Possibly, he might surpass Dwayne Bravo’s record to reach the second position.

Piyush took 179 wickets in 181 IPL matches with his best bowling figures of 4-17.

Also, he is one of those players to retire after IPL 2024, despite having many cricketing skills left in him.

Notably, Mishra is the unsung hero of the Indian Premier League. His wrist-spinning techniques outsmarted power-hitting batsmen frequently, As a result, he is a valuable asset for his team to grab crucial wickets in important phases of any IPL match.

5. Faf du Plessis (39 years): Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

It is a fact that there isn’t any match for his fitness levels at the age of 39 years. Perhaps, the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper might play his last IPL season.

After retiring from test cricket, fans wouldn’t be surprised if Faf is one of the overseas players to retire after IPL 2024.

Having immense experience in the shorter format, Faf can try to lead his team to the maiden IPL title and conclude his career on a high note.

As a right-handed batsman, he scored 4,133 runs in 123 IPL innings. It includes his highest score of 96 runs in his overall 130 matches in IPL.

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