3 Foreign Players That Every Team Might Want: IPL 2023 Auction

IPL 2023 Auction is ready to take place in Dec 2022. Indian Premier League fans have their own opinion regarding players’ buying. Many experts are discussing retentions and releases of players. However, the excitement that every auction brings is second to none. 

One more thing that comes along with the excitement is prediction. Everyone is predicting the players that may break the bank of team owners. But, cricket is the game where all your predictions can go in vain. 

Also, the same unpredictability adds up to more thrill. So, people start to think and discuss about auctions intensely. Here are our predictions as well for the top 3 overseas players:

Type of Players That Will Have High Demand In the IPL 2023 Auction

If you look at every team in the IPL, you will notice one similarity. All the teams have strong batting orders. But every team needs one bowling all-rounder who can score quick runs as well. So, the type of players that will have high demands are bowling all-rounders.

Generally, if there is a mega auction, the amount of money a player gets is as per his value. But in a small auction, the amount of money depends on demand. Right now there is a high demand for all-rounders and there is a minimum supply. Hence you can see players getting more money than in mega auctions.

As the supply is less every team may look to target bowling all-rounders. So here are the top three players that will have all eyes on them: 

1. Sam Curran

The man of the tournament in ICC T20 World Cup 2022, Sam Curran. He is a great asset to any team. Sam is a young player who can bowl with the new ball as well as in the death overs. He is a left-arm bowler and can bat in the lower order. So there is absolutely no reason why teams will not break their budget for him.

Additionally, he is in great form and is very young. So teams can also consider him as their future leader. Even if he may not be the most expensive buy, he will be one of the most expensive buys in IPL 2023 auction

2. Ben Stokes

There is not a single thing that this man cannot do on a cricket field. He is a gun fielder, a clever bowler, a dependable batsman, and even can lead the team. He is similar to Sam Curran just add years of experience to that. 

Stokes may not be able to play for an entire decade, but he will surely dedicate 4-5 years. Also, Ben is now only playing limited-overs cricket, so he will be available despite ashes or major ICC events. The same may not apply to Sam Curran. So there are high chances he may surpass Sam Curran in this auction.

3. Cameron Green

Another fantastic allrounder in world cricket. He needed to be given more chances in this world cup. But no one doubts his potential. He is a huge unit and can send the ball miles away. Green can bat in the powerplay and give a headstart to the team.

You can also expect economical overs from Green. He will play lots of T20 matches, so he will get better and better with time. He may not be as valuable as Sam Curran or Ben Stokes. But there are lots of teams who need a player just like him. Who knows, he might be the most expensive player in this auction.

Final Words

IPL 2023 Auction is going to be exciting. There is a lot of thinking and planning done before buying any player. But it is the auction that decides the fate of the team and the player. 

However, one thing that is always important is team balance and chemistry. If management feels that a particular player would improve the team’s performance. Then buying them should definitely be on the agenda!

That is why many times an unexpected player gets the highest bid in the auction. 

However, do let us know which player according to you will be the most expensive. We would love to read your comments for IPL 2023 auction. So, name the players that can be the game changers for IPL 2023.

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