Crickex is one of the most well-liked live casino and cricket betting apps in Nepal. Its user-friendly interface is designed to the Nepali audience and it accepts NPR.

crickex nepal

Crickex App is a renowned bookmaker in Nepal. For players who are looking for quality service in Nepal, Crickex app is a great choice. With an easy-to-use interface, a wide selection of sports betting options, including football, cricket, and other sporting events, and an app that offers excellent odds, Crickex is among the best.

Crickex Nepal is something like a huge playground for people in Nepal who love cricket. Moreover, it is a special place in which they can use Nepali currency and enjoy exceptional online casino video games and sports betting.

Crickex Apps, which focuses on Nepal, also offers generous bonuses to its users. This bonus is intended towards improving the betting experience.

As a result, in this Crickex review, we’ll go over every detail, explaining everything as simply as possible.

Easy Sign-Up process:

Getting started with Crickex app is very easy. Here’s Crickex Sign Up process:

1. Visit Website: Go to

2. Click “Join Now”: Look for the “Join Now” button in the upper right corner and click it to get started.

3. Fill in the details: They will ask you for basic information such as your name, email, smartphone type, date of birth and password. Make sure everything is accurate because they can look at it later.

4. Choose your currency: Choose your chosen forex from the menu – you can choose Nepalese Rupee (NPR), Indian Rupee (INR), Bangladeshi Rupee (BDT), Pakistani Rupee (PKR) or USDT.

5. Agree to the terms: Tick the box to agree to the terms.

6. Complete the registration: Click “Register” to complete the Crickex sign up method. And it is done!

Crickex on the Go:

Don’t want to sit in one region and play? No worries! Crickex Nepal has created an app for your phone. It’s like playing the game in your pocket so you can play whenever you want.

To Download and Install The Crickex App:

Want to get Crickex app on your Android mobile phone? Easy peasy:

Go to Crickex website: Open www.Crickex.Com in your browser.

Find the Download button: Scroll down to the home page and tap the “Download App” button.

Select your phone type: Click “Download App” and select “Android” because you are using an Android phone.

Get the app file: Use your phone’s digital camera to scan the QR code or press “Download for Android” to get the app report.

Install the app: Find the downloaded file on your mobile phone and open it. You may be required to allow the necessary permission to install the app. That’s it – now you can play in the app!

Crickex Nepal Payment Methods:

Local bank transfer:

To apply for a local financial institution, follow these steps:

Choose your bank: Choose your local financial institution as your payment method.

Determine the amount: Tell them how much money you need to use.

Provide Bank Details: Share your bank details with them.

Accepting Transaction Details: Crickex Nepal offers you a special offer that you can avail while sending cash. It’s like telling your bank to put some money in your holiday account. Easy and fast!

Crickex Deposits & Withdrawals:

When you want to deposit cash or withdraw cash, it’s super easy:

Login: Open your Crickex Nepal account by login.

Go to Cashier: Click on “Cashier” to deposit cash or withdraw money.

Select the type of transaction: Say whether you need to place cash or withdraw money.

Follow the instructions: Depending on what you choose, enter the details and follow the steps.

Confirm transaction: Click to confirm and it’s done!

Crickex Bonus Bonanza:

Crickex app likes to give you better things to make gambling more fun. Therefore, they have bonuses that are like extra gifts to keep you happy. When you first become a part, when you upload extra money, or even when you deliver your buddies – it can be a plus for everything!

Deposit bonus:

If you deposit more money, Crickex Nepal will thank you with a bonus. It’s like saying, “You added extra money, so right here is the extra game.” But keep in mind that you want to play a bit better before you can withdraw this bonus. Thus, it’s like a little game inside a sport.


Even if you don’t win, Crickex will give you a little bit back. It’s like saying, “Hey, we admit you didn’t win this time, but here’s something to make your experience better.” They do this every week and you don’t want to spend a lot extra to use that cash. Therefore, it’s like a little gift to keep you smiling.

Referral bonus:

Crickex wants you to bring your friends to play with you. Also, if your friend joins and deposits money, you and your friend will receive a gift. Moreover, it’s like saying, “Thanks for bringing your friend to the sport. Here’s to a bigger touch for each of you.”

Referral Bonus Details: Sharing the Joy

Your bonus: रु. Six hundred

Friend Bonus: ₹600

Minimum deposit/turnover: ₹2000/₹6000 for a friend and ₹5000/₹10,000 for you

Turnover frequency: 10x

Frequency: Unlimited

To get these extra items, simply go to “Checkout”, click on “Promotions” and select the gift you need. Thus, it’s like a unique save where you can choose what you like.

Live Chat Support:

Sometimes you may have questions or need help. Crickex app has a special chat where you can communicate with someone real. It’s like having a friend in the game to help you out when you’re stuck.

Access Live Chat Support:

To chat with someone, simply click on “Live Chat” at the bottom of the sports page. Moreover, write your call, email and what you want to help with. Then click to start chatting. Also, it’s like sending a message to a friend and they’ll reply super fast. Thus, you have someone there all the time.


In the end, Crickex review states that it is kind of a contented region for those who love games. Therefore, it’s clean to crickex sign up, smooth to play with money, and they even come with extra things to enjoy. Whether you like cricket or other games, Crickex Nepal is confident that you will have a great time. If you are curious about playing games online, then follow the simple steps that we have discussed here. Thus, have a laugh and success betting in your region on the Crickex app!

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