Reasons For Growing Hate On Bangladesh Cricket Team

Bangladesh cricket team has been playing international cricket since 1977 when they became an Associate member of the ICC. Since then, their cricket has been growing steadily. They have done well in making their reputation as one of the fierce competitors in the last 10 years or so. But there has been a lot of hate also growing against the Bangladesh cricket team in the last few years. They have become one of the most hated cricket teams in the world right now. Today, we will figure out the reasons for growing hate against ‘The Tigers’. So let’s dive into it quickly.

NOTE: Before we start, just wanted to inform you that we are not spreading hate against any team. These are just general perceptions by a few fans on social media all around the world, an atmosphere created regarding a particular team, etc. Everyone has their own opinions and perceptions.

Reasons for the growing hate against the Bangladesh cricket team

(1) On-field behavior of Bangladeshi players

The on-field behavior of some of the Bangladeshi players wasn’t good sometimes. They sometimes cross the line and indulge in some ugly fights against the opposition. We have seen quite a few times that the players from the Bangladesh cricket team are involved in excessive sledging or excessive appealing during the match.

They have also done some actions which are deemed disrespectful. A ‘Naagin Dance’ or ‘Snake Dance’ is a prime example of that. A Bangladeshi bowler Nazmul Islam has a unique way of celebrating after taking a wicket. Once when he did that against the Sri Lankan team, the Sri Lankans didn’t like it. Since then, a Sri Lanka-Bangladesh rivalry has been formed.

There are a few instances after that infamous incident that which Bangladesh and Sri Lankan players were involved in verbal banters. Also, when Shakib al Hasan appealed for a time-out against Angelo Mathews in a match, the spirit of cricket from the Bangladesh cricket team and him was questioned.

Tamim Iqbal fighting with Ben Stokes is also another example of an on-field behavior.

Shakib Al Hasan’s behavior towards umpire

A few years ago, in a Dhaka Premier League match, when umpires didn’t give a decision in Shakib al Hasan’s favor, he then went wild and kicked and shattered the stumps in anger. He also shouted at the umpire for the decision which was not acceptable.

(2) Inconsistent performances by the team

Another reason for the growing hate could be inconsistent performances by the Bangladesh cricket team. They got the test status in 2000 and played their first-ever WC in 1999. Since then, they haven’t won any ICC trophy, Asia Cup, or any multi-nation tournament at the big stage. Maybe that’s why their fans are disappointed or rather started hating the team.

Bangladesh has done well in the last few years in a bilateral series’ by beating some of the big teams like India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc, but they haven’t been consistent enough to be recognized as world beaters. Also, they are not an all-conditions team till now. They need their conditions or that type of conditions most of the time to beat the big teams.

(3) Off-the-field behavior

Not just on the field, their off-the-field behavior also causing them to get hate from the cricket fans. Mismanagement of the players, injury and workload management, corruption, and conflict between their players also hinder their growth as a cricketing nation. For example, a conflict between the two greats of Bangladesh cricket, Shakib al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal last year. We saw how the BCB mismanaged Tamim’s injury and Shakib didn’t want him in the ODI World Cup 2023 squad, even though Tamim Iqbal wanted to play.

Also, a few players sometimes give public statements that are controversial and not appropriate. All these things are affecting the Bangladesh cricket team’s reputation.

(4) Rivalries and comparison with other teams

As we said earlier, Bangladesh has formed new rivalries against a few teams, and because of that, the opposition team fans hate Bangladesh. In their eyes, they are the most hated cricket team in the world.

The Bangladeshi fans also compare their team with other teams, especially with those with better records. These types of things are not good and can only lead to hatred against each other.

(5) Behavior of Bangladeshi fans

Not just the behavior of players, but sometimes their fans’ behavior has also been questioned. We have seen so many Bangladesh cricket fans spreading hate on social media, abusing other team fans, etc. These things will only make the Bangladesh team’s reputation worse.

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 So these are a few reasons why there is a growing hate against the Bangladesh cricket team. We are again saying that we are not spreading any hatred against any particular team. These are just perceptions, taken from the cricketing world environment.

There could be a few more reasons like the media portraying that particular image, the attitude of a few players, etc, but these are just the basic ones that we have discussed. What’s your opinion on this? Comment your perception below.


(1) When was the first time Bangladesh played its first ODI game?

Bangladesh played their first One Day International (ODI) match in 1986 against Pakistan in the Asia Cup.

(2) Which ODI World Cup was Bangladesh’s best ever till now?

Bangladesh has reached in the Quarter Final of the ICC ODI World Cup 2015 in Australia and New Zealand. They lost the Quarter Final against Team India and were eliminated from the tournament.

(3) Has Bangladesh reached the semifinals of any T20 World Cup yet?

No. Bangladesh hasn’t played any ICC T20 World Cup semi-final till now. They have played all the T20 World Cup editions till now.

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